06 May 2012

Goodies from Matt of KristovBlue

Last New Year, Mr. Matt Angeles of KristovBlue held a blog giveaway. Seeing all the Penshoppe goodies and knowing how my brother likes Penshoppe, I joined and gave it a shot. To my surprise, I WON! :)

His reason why he picked me:

AND Here’s the person I chose personally for the best resolution and also wins one of the 2 major prizes :D Also has a cool name :D Paige Seven :D and her resolution is:
 I make a personal pledge to be an even better “ate” to my younger bro. I’ve been a bit hard on him lately because of the college stress, but I really intend to make it up to him this 2012! I know these items could help me make a great step since my bro is very hygienic and somewhat vain. :)
I’m also a younger brother and my sister sometimes bullies me hahaha but we love each other :D this will be, I know, great for your brother to receive this. :D Knowing that you have a loving “ate” supporting you will go miles in his life :D Treat him well, because like me, my ate has loved me unconditionally and in return, I do the same :D She’s my stronghold. She knows almost everything about me :D I hope he enjoys his gift…

Click HERE for his full blog post about the winners.

Well, I was supposed to meet him up at Megamall to claim my prizes so I can meet my fellow winners and of course, Matt himself, but I always failed to do so! :( He was very understanding about it, and I really feel guilty and ashamed that I always failed him. I had been very busy with my academics because I was shifting out; thus I really needed good grades. We had some extra classes on weekends and stuff like that. Also, I'm from QC, and my dad's kinda strict with me travelling on my own and stuff. So even if I could find a way to travel after school, my dad just won't let me. I was asking him to just come with me, but he always postponed because he was too busy, too. -_- Plus, I'm active in the Church so I had to attend to a lot of church activities on weekends.

To cut it all short, I tried but really couldn't make it. 

Anyways, maybe masyadong kunsumido na siya sa'kin so he just decided to ship the prizes off to my doorstep. Haha. Sorry, sorry! I even costed you extra :(

Well, as indicated in the sheet attached to the package, these where all shipped last May 2nd, and it was impressive because I received it 3rd of May. :)

Now 'nuff with all my blahs; here are the photos:

Two packages I received afternoon of May 3

1st package: Penshoppe clutch bag with goodies inside, Chef Tony's Popcorn

A peek inside the bag

ZenZest Aquamarine
My brother loves this! Pang-heartthrob ang scent! LOL

ZenZest Cool
It's a strong scent, so I gave this one to my dad.

ZenZest Hand & Body Lotion
I still have a lot of lotions here, so I'm thinking of just including this one on my next giveaway. But, I'm still arguing with myself because I love lotions, and this one's not an exception. :)))

Garnier Whiten & Protect Moisturizing Cream
I love this one! I use it as make-up base, too.

Penshoppe AquaGels
gave one of these to my uncle (the one in Fresh

2nd package: More Penshoppe and Chef Tony's goodies!

Penshoppe V-neck Tee
 My brother LOVES v-neck tees! He lost weight lately because he was watching his diet, exercising, and all, plus he got sick. He's still sick now, with dengue. Huhuhu please pray for him :(

Well anyways, to cut it short, this medium-sized tee looked a bit baggy for him, BUT HE DIDN'T CARE! He just loves v-neck tees much that the size didn't actually matter with him :))

Oh well, he'd be gaining weight soon, I know. :)

Penshoppe Shower Gel and Lotion

A note from Matt. Oh noes, he doesn't even have to say sorry! :(

My uncle, loving our Chef Tony's

And of course, here's a photo of my brother with all the goodies he got!
He was really happy with 'em.

Look, he's wearing the tee lready! :D

Visit Matt Angeles' blog here: http://kristovblue.tumblr.com
Don't you just love the contemporary feel of his blog? :)

So I guess that's all to this post.
Send me your thoughts, sweeties!

Lotsa love,

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