30 May 2012

REVIEW: Born Pretty Store Acrylic Colour Set

Acrylic Colour Set from Born Pretty Store. View it here:

Born Pretty Store is an international manufacturer and seller of nail art products at very affordable prices. They also offer Cosmetic Products, Jewelry & Accessories, Toys, and a lot more. They offer FREE Worldwide Shipping and they have lots of discounts, freebies, and promos, too!

They shipped this 12-Color Nail Acrylic Paint Set out to me last April 26, and they told me that it would reach me after 2-4 weeks. I was able to get the package by May 15 (that's roughly 3 weeks after BPS shipped it out), although the slip from the Central Post Office tells me that it arrived there on May 10 (that's 2 weeks after!). So yes, I could say that they are prompt when it comes to shipping. I'm used to waiting for two weeks (or more) for international deliveries, but this one has been the fastest international transaction I had so far. 

Moving on to the review, let me show you some more photos first. :)

comes with the BPS Pink Card
Has 12 vivid, easy to mix colors in 12mL tubes

Now let's take a look at my first two projects working with Born Pretty Store's Acrylic Colour Set:

My watermelon nails. Read more about it here:

and a few days after, I just can't get enough of my acrylic paints so I made a new nail design:

My Flores de Mayo-inspired nail art. Read more here:

What I love about Born Pretty Store's Acrylic Colors:
  • Easy mixing. I did not have any trouble with mixing the colors because the fluid was consistent, and I don't have to worry about getting the wrong color because the color label goes really close with the actual color of the paint.
  • Easy application. The paint goes on smoothly so it does not make too much lumps on my nail design, unlike the previous acrylic paints I've tried.
  • Vivid colors. The paints are very pigmented, so I really get the color that I want. Also, I don't need to use up too much paint because a little amount is usually enough for me to achieve the hue that I want.

Why buy nail art & cosmetic goods from BornPrettyStore.com?

  • Worldwide Free Shipping - No Minimum Orders
    We provide worldwide free shipping service to all customers ignoring the price and distance with no minimum order requirements . And we make sure the products you bought reach you by free shipping safely and intactly.
  • Secure Online Shopping
    Security is the top priority at bornprettystore.com. We ensure the security of all transaction data by using advanced security solution provider, so your information is in excellent hands. Online shopping had never been safer and easier. Stay safe online with us.
  • Easy to Order
    You can order goods through bornprettystore.com even only after registering! We accept major credit and debit cards, and secure payment option PayPal is supported too. We also accept bank transfer and Western Union payments. Get started now!
  • Excellent Customer Service
    We have provided support to thousands of customers throughout the world. Based on our experience, you can rest assured your enquiries will be solved in a timely fashion. With your help and trust we will continue to improve our services to offer you the best support in the market. And we promise if you have any issue, we'll try our best to follow up and offer the 100% satisfied customer service for you.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    If for some reason you're not satisfied with our product or service, you can return the products to us in original package and we will FULL refund your money after we get the package!
  • Free to Join
    Registering only takes seconds and is free, after which you'll have your own brand-new shopping cart to fill with whatever you want! What you need to start is just a valid email address. Start buying online and grab a bargain today!

So what are you waiting for? Go and try out Born Pretty Store now!
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  1. cool! how do you mix the colors? do you use water? 

  2. Hello Miss @Nina ! Oh em, really glad to see your comment here! I wasn't able to see you and Char on Avel Bacudio's show on PFW. Really sad for me :(

    Anyways, I only use a really small amount of water when mixing, just to wet the brush enough before mixing and also before applying. Too much water would make it hard to apply and control (at least for me). Heehee :D

    btw, please check out Born Pretty Store! And don't forget to use my discount code if ever you'd decide to buy ha :)

  3. wow! serously free shipping nationwide plus affordable prize.i'd like to try. but are there products safe? you made that nailart? so awesome. its hard ba?i try it one time pero di maganda outcome maybe its not my talent . hehe :D

  4. I'm so loving that! Too bad my nails are to short! T.T

  5. Hi @siecajilig:disqus ! I'll be posting a short-nails nail art soon! Hope you could try it :D


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