19 May 2012

Photoshoot? The Bricks Did It.

It was just a normal day at our Org Tambayan when we saw how perfect the sun kissed us and we just instantly thought, "Hey, let's take some photos!" And there ya have it, your cam-whores in action again. LOL.

** These photos were taken last semester **

Me, with Aimee of  Summer Star
Me, with Aimee of  Summer Star

Me, with Aimee of  Summer Star

After a few basic pa-cute shots, I noticed the brick wall across us and so I tugged Aimee along and made her my instant model for my photoshoot-photoshootan. LOL. We were unprepared but the camera really loved her. I wasn't even instructing her what to do. She just stood there and did her thing. Really love you, Aimee! :) Trivia: I was just using my phone's camera. 

LOL, we didn't even know what we're doing. Look, our expressions didn't even match. :)))
btw, this shot was taken by Momo of Charmed

this shot was taken by Momo of Charmed
Momo of Charmed posing with Aimee of  Summer Star   

Momo of Charmed posing with Aimee of  Summer Star   

Few more photos with our friends:

With Kuya Vem

With Albertti

I miss these guys already. We'll surely make more cam-whoring fun when school resumes. Awwyeah!

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