26 August 2012

WINNERS: Midyear Giveaway

Bonjour, sweeties!

I'm really sorry for the late announcement of the winners, for I had loads of stuff to take care off these past few days. We had our org's ACLE (a big activity done by almost all orgs in UPD every semester), and then we had our midterm exams, and then my laptop got broken. I knooow! Huhu :'( I'm currently using my uncle's laptop just so I could announce the winners. I have a lot of photos in my laptop waiting to be featured in blog posts, but unfortunately they'd have to wait until I get my lappy fixed. :/

So, without further blah's, I'll announce the winners real quick (my uncle's gonna use his laptop na!).

The winner for the SLB Midyear Giveaway is...


And for the special prize winner, the one who got the most number of entries is...

She got a total of 42 entries. She's a really sweet one, too. She leaves me messages on e-mail and on the SLB Facebook page. Makes me smile every time :)

I'll e-mail the winners as soon as I get to the PC again (LOL), and they're given 72 hours to respond. If they don't, I'll be picking a new winner.

For those who did not win, don't fret! I'll be having more giveaways on my birthday month, so stay-tuned!
Hint: Read this post, and this post.

That's all for now! Toodles!
(really sorry for the nagmamadali mode of writing ~_~ )

12 August 2012


After a long while, I finally had the adequate time and the perfect mood to paint some nail art again. A friend is requesting for me to paint leopard prints on her nails. I have never tried doing leopard before, so I practiced on my own nails first. Realized it was easier than I thought!

I'll be posting an EASY PHOTO TUTORIAL for this (when I have more time to splurge), so I hope you wait for it, read it, try it, and share with me a photo of your leopard nails, too! I'll be preparing a prize for the best one. ;)

That's all for now.
Hope you like it, 'cause I do. A lot! Hehe :D

Share me your thoughts!


FASHION fights the FLOOD (A ZaloraPH Campaign)

Let's all say "hello" to the SUN, sweeties!

After an entire week of torrential rainfall, thank God we've made it through. The Filipino Spirit is indeed waterproof. We may have long passed the times when we would go hand in hand to help carry our kababayan's nipa huts from one place to another (bayanihan), but last week's calamities have proven how much we've made whole new ways of manifesting our traditional bayanihan.

With this, a lot of fundraising campaigns and relief operations sprouted everywhere just to help our fellowmen who were affected by the floods. One of these is Zalora's Fashion Fights the Flood Fundraiser Event which will be held on August 15, 2012 at the Skye Lounge. KC Concepcion would be there to sell some of her pre-loved items. If you're also willing to donate some of your previously loved items, just let me know. ALL proceeds will go to charity.

Can't make it to the event?
No worries! Anyone can support by donating through Zalora's site. Just click on any of these photos:


or manually click on these links to donations:



05 August 2012

NEW: Crystal Contact Lens!

Bonjour, sweeties!

Today I am happy to share with you some new items which I, myself, am sooo excited about! Just recently, my GEO Angel Brown Lenses have expired, and so I'd have to find & buy some new ones. I couldn't decide if I should buy a new pair of lens yet, or a new pair of spectacles first (I lost my eyeglasses. Perhaps it got tampo when I stopped using it since I was so in love with my contact lens. Huhuhu). But just like a fairy godmother againPandora's Boxes oh-so-timely released its new line of affordable cosmetic lenses:


Each pair of lens in this collection retails for Php450(plano) to Php500(graded), with lens case and manual included. These are manufactured in Korea (I think of it as the contact lens capital of the world), and comes in 14.2mm, 14.8mm, and 15.0mm diameters. I'd be placing the lens diameter under each photo as caption.

DIA: 15.0mm 

DIA: 14.2mm

DIA: 14.2mm

DIA: 15mm

DIA: 14.2mm

DIA: 15.0mm

DIA: 14.8mm

DIA: 14.8mm

DIA: 15.0mm

DIA: 15.0mm

DIA: 15.0mm

DIA: 15.0mm

DIA: 15.0mm

I just love the designs and colors! Don't you? :D
I'm thinking of trying colors other than gray and brown; I'd usually settle for these neutral colors but now I feel like I'd want to wear blue or violet. Since the only blues and violets available with grade are Ruby and Peridot, I think I'd go with the latter. I also love that it's three-toned, which I assume would make it look more natural. Although I'd like to try some colors now, I still don't want my lens to be too bold and catchy.

How about you, sweeties? Which ones are your picks?
Let me know in the comment box below, a fairy godmother might give you one for free soon. *wink wink*

Love lots,

If you would like to purchase from this Contact Lens Collection and you're too shy to ask Pandora, you may also message me through my Facebook or email me at: paige7pattinson@gmail.com

04 August 2012

NOTW: Purple Disco

After quite some time of being MIA, I'm back with a Nail post! It's just a simple nail design, though. I still don't have enough time and inspiration to design some detailed nail art. Well, I've made a French-themed nail design on Momo (Charmed)'s nails last week, but she wasn't able to post a photo of it. I painted her nails while we were at our org tambayan and I unfortunately didn't have my top coat with me, so I just asked her to apply some on her own when she gets home. Apparently, she forgot. :(
But don't worry, I'll be recreating it and'll post it together with a tutorial. ;)

Now on to my NOTW! Forgive the title, I really can't think of a creative one. I just used Purple Disco because it reminds me of disco lights whenever I look at it; and of course, it's purple (you don't say!). My guy best friend thinks of it as staple wires on my nails, though. O_O

The shine and disco lights factor don't show well in the photo, but I swear it looks really nice in person. I've been getting a lot of compliments for this (except nga from my guy best friend who said "Bakit ka may staple wires sa kuko?". O_O I still love him, though :P).

BASE COLOR: Orly Matte Polish in Purple Velvet

Here's the "Nail Polish Tandem" I used:

Orly Matte Polish in Purple Velvet
Caress Nail Polish in... Disco? (haha too lazy to stand, get the bottle, and check. XD)

I've just bought that Caress nail polish last week, and I'm lovin' it! For just Php 22.75 (~USD 0.50), you can pimp up any plain nail polish into an eye-catcher! Now who says you can only wear bling on your neck? ;)

Love lots,

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