15 May 2012

Camille's 18th

** DISCLAIMER: Photos were just taken from Camille's official photographer.

Hello there! Sorry if I've been M.I.A. lately; I've got LOADS of stuff to take care of and so I'd have to sacrifice my internet activities. Well anyways, I'm now back with a little event post: Camille's 18th.

Camille Camillo is a friend of mine. I have known her  my Senior Year in High School when I transferred to New Era University. She celebrated her 18th Birthday last 30th of April, and she chose me to be one of the hosts. My co-host was one of my bestest friends, Jaycee (I already told you about her in this post). So without any further blahs, here are photographs from the party. :)

Before the program started, I and my friends Bea, Rea, and Jaycee were all backstage collaborating with Camz on how her program would flow. I know, right? We didn't have any rehearsals! So yeah, you can guess how nervous I was then. Funny thing was, I came in 30 minutes late for the call time, and I might have come even later if they did not call me to remind me that I would be hosting the event with Jaycee! Yes, yes, the forgetful me. That explains the plain hair-do and the messed up make-up. Call time was 5:00 pm and I woke up from my siesta at 4:30 pm. LOL. I know, I know. You don't say. HAHA!

The debutante with her hosts (backstage before the program)
L-R: Bea, Me, Camz, Jaycee, Rea

We've decided to have photos with Camz before we start the program because we thought we might find it hard to get her later on when the party starts. A few minutes after a little tiny bit of cam-whoring, boosh! Jaycee and I were sent out to get the program started. 

Left: Jaycee in her Sexy Brown Dress and Peep-Toe Pumps
Right: Me in my Color-Block Dress and Stiletto Sandals

Look at that young photographer there, so cute!
I was part of her 18 Treasures. I gave her a gold bar. Kidding.
I gave her an ELF LipGloss explaining how I love seeing her smile
and thus she must always highlight that little sunshine she brings.

After the party, we had some shots with ze gang. :D

And of course, I won't leave without having some photos with the debutante.

Before going home...
L-R: Me, Bea, Dr. Cainglet, Jaycee
Jaycee was so witty. She had her flip-flops with her. So unfair! My feet were aching like hell :(

Well, Camille's party was just a simple one, but I really enjoyed it because it was intimate. We all know how a party could get really big and extravagant and all, fun but not really sinking to the heart, no? This one was not of that kind. It was something that actually touched the hearts, and not just the "teen senses".

Happy 18th, Camz!
I hope you're already enjoying your first few days into adulthood. ;) 

How about you, guys? Have you already celebrated your debut? If yes, how did you celebrate it? If no, how do you plan on celebrating it? Share me your thoughts! I would love to hear from you guys. :)

Love lots,

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