30 May 2012

REVIEW: Born Pretty Store Acrylic Colour Set

Acrylic Colour Set from Born Pretty Store. View it here:

Born Pretty Store is an international manufacturer and seller of nail art products at very affordable prices. They also offer Cosmetic Products, Jewelry & Accessories, Toys, and a lot more. They offer FREE Worldwide Shipping and they have lots of discounts, freebies, and promos, too!

They shipped this 12-Color Nail Acrylic Paint Set out to me last April 26, and they told me that it would reach me after 2-4 weeks. I was able to get the package by May 15 (that's roughly 3 weeks after BPS shipped it out), although the slip from the Central Post Office tells me that it arrived there on May 10 (that's 2 weeks after!). So yes, I could say that they are prompt when it comes to shipping. I'm used to waiting for two weeks (or more) for international deliveries, but this one has been the fastest international transaction I had so far. 

Moving on to the review, let me show you some more photos first. :)

29 May 2012

Nails: Flores de Mayo-inspired Nail Design for CARONIA

After my Watermelon Nails, as I was thinking of a new design to paint on my nails, I came across Caronia Philippines' post regarding their May promotion, so I checked it out. This month's promotion requires a Flores de Mayo-inspired Nail Design, and what first came into my mind were yellows and oranges. A few minutes later, I was already painting this. I really find it cute, vibrant, and sunshine-y. Don't you? :) Well, I hope I win! Caronia will pick three (3) winners who will be one of the first to get the Tropical Doll collection plus P1,000-worth of gift certificates from Forever 21! Wish me luck! :)

Here are some close-up photos:

Nails: Watermelon!

(just click the photo for a larger view)

Just recently, I received my acrylic paint set from Born Pretty Store (I will tell you more about the product in a separate post). The first thing that came to my mind when I opened the box was to finally paint watermelons on my nails! 

And so I did. 

This nail design was inspired by a video I watched on YouTube a couple of months ago (the uploader of which I could not recall). I just did some modifications to suit my own preferences. Anyways, here are some more photos:

28 May 2012


“Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis.” 
― Manolo Blahnik

Yes, I certainly agree. Cinderella was not the only one whose life was changed by shoes.

I was just entering my teenage life when my mom left us, and with only my dad and younger brother with me, I thought I'd had to discover my womanhood on my own. I was timid, got no style, really just plain and simple. But when I turned 16, my daddy started buying me gorgeous shoes -- their heels gradually getting higher and higher every time. And before I knew it, it had turned me into the lady I didn't expect I could be. Thanks to my dad... and to my shoes!

Now I'm 18, and I am just getting more fond of shoes. Though I don't have my own money to buy my own shoes yet, I love browsing at shoe catalogs online and when at the mall (so I already know which one to show dad when he asks me if I want new shoes. hihi). Just a few months ago, while browsing for shoes online, I've had what I think is the best EUREKA! moment in my entire shoe-hunting history. 


Dedicated to cater every fashionista's ever changing style. Asian Vogue provide shoppers with an extensive selection of fashion forward footwear...

From Classic Blacks...

to Color Blocking...

27 May 2012

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman!

On a random trip to the local grocery store we have within campus, I saw this really affordable sachet of Skin White Face Cream Powder.  The product comes in White, Rosewhite, Light Beige and Natural Beige variants. I took a sachet of the Natural Beige to try it out, and I can say it was great! It magically transforms from a moisturizing cream into a light, matte powder upon application on the skin. Having really active sweat glands, using just loose powder on my face doesn't really last that long, so this cream powder is something that I really need for a longer lasting fresh matte look. ABSOLUTELY REPURCHASE-WORTHY!
It has Vitanourish Formula to effectively keep the skin hydrated. Using the combined power of Sun Protection Factor and Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica, a revolutionary skin-whitening agent that suppresses the appearance of dark pigmentation, skin is kept young and is visibly whiter. This product uses Synchronized Whitening action through multiple actives to ensure you achieve your beautiful blush white skin.

So ask me, how does SkinWhite give me that beautiful blush white skin that Prince Charming can’t resist?

Well, Skin White has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in FOUR ways all at the same time:

  1. WHITENS the skin's surface
  2. REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
  3. NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
  4. PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

Watch the video below to know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu:

Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!

Have skin that draws him to be near! Try out Skin White now! All he wants is to be near. ;)

If you wanna know more about the SkinWhite products, go through this link:

Also, don't forget to join their Summer Promo!

Just go through this link: https://www.facebook.com/skinwhite/app_137541772984354

20 May 2012

FOTN: First Attempt

Last Thursday, I woke up relatively early from my siesta, and so I had more time to prepare for our worship service that night. After taking a shower and getting myself dressed, I still had a lot of time left so I decided to try putting on some make-up. It's my first time to try applying full make-up on myself, because usually I just use powder and lipstick. Well, here goes nothing...

Forgive my messy brows; I'm still afraid to try shaping them myself. :S

For this refreshed and natural look, I used:

  • Eyes: PENSHOPPE Face It Bronzer (in Golden Glow)
  • Face: Garnier Light Whiten and Protect Moisturizing Cream
  • Face: Christian Aujard Sun Cover Two Way Cake
  • Blush: The Face Shop Illuminating Cushion Blusher in 03 Violet
  • Lips: Human Nature Flavored Lip Balm in Peppermint
  • Lips: SanSan Shimmering Lipstick in 05

The eyeshadow color doesn't show much in the photos, but it's actually a peachy-orangey shimmer. I first used the golden apricot shimmer to highlight my eyes up around my brow bone, and then I applied a bit of the orangey-peach shimmer t line my eyes just a little over my lashes. I used these because they look natural, and because it was already almost sunset when I was doing this and I got inspired with the color scheme. :D

So what do you think guys?
Wasn't that bad, eh?
Heehee. I'd practice. ;)

19 May 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

"Give a girl the right shoes, 
and she can conquer the world."
-- Marilyn Monroe

When I was 12 years old, my mom left us for another guy. It was really hard for me as I was just walking into my teenage years -- one of the most crucial parts, I believe -- without a mom to guide me along and help me with all the kikay stuff that I wanna try and explore. I only had my dad and my younger brother with me, with the occasional visits of my uncle who worked in a cruise in Europe. You see, I was the only female in the house, and so I was afraid to try to experiment with my girly-girl side. I was afraid they wouldn't understand all the vanity. I was afraid they would criticize me and call me maarte and stuff of the like. So I kept 'em all to myself, and became just a simple, typical, looks-younger-than-my-age teen. At 15, I still dressed and looked like a girl instead of a teen; really different from the usual girls my age. But when we transferred to Metro Manila, and as I reached 16, I realized I shouldn't be too afraid that my family might criticize me. Because just then, my dad actually became my personal stylista. I know, right? I was shocked, too! Turns out he has a very good and sophisticated sense of style, and the dresses and shoes he bought me were all reeeeaaally classy. Imagine the delight of a daddy's girl when she finds out that her dad knows exactly what she wants, after all! NOTE: My dad is straight, okay?

That was the time I discovered the magic and beauty of shoes. From two inches, to three, and now to four; high heels gave me the confidence I needed as a young lady. There's a certain magic whenever I wear heels. I gain instant confidence in my posture and stance, I become more prim & proper with the way I walk... it just turns me into a lady. And with all the essence of it. 

With my shoe fetish getting more into me, I've been browsing shops online looking for shoes that I might show my dad (and hopefully be bought by him for me. heehee). Just recently, I discovered Zalora Philippines from my blog community, NuffNang and saw just what I was looking for!

ZaloraPH offers a vast range of products from Fashion, Sports, Home & Living, and even to Pet Care! There is also no need to worry about the quality, because Zalora offers products from the top brands in the Philippines and internationally.

More Reasons to Say "WOW!" to Sun!

I have been using SunCellular as my primary mobile network for about three years now. I just love the strong signal and connection! Not just that, loading had never been this easy for me with the other networks. I can load with a fixed and ready promo from my suking tindahan, and when I know I need to reload my unlimited promo soon, I no longer have to wait for my previous promo to expire because I can reload anytime! The new load just adds up to the previous one, so there's less hassle.

But just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it does. Because SunCellular gives us more reasons to Say "WOW" to Sun! Check out this cool new promo as they bring us Blackberry Curve 8520!

Still not convinced? Visit them on Facebook and be persuaded. ;)

Thanks for reading,

Photoshoot? The Bricks Did It.

It was just a normal day at our Org Tambayan when we saw how perfect the sun kissed us and we just instantly thought, "Hey, let's take some photos!" And there ya have it, your cam-whores in action again. LOL.

** These photos were taken last semester **

Me, with Aimee of  Summer Star
Me, with Aimee of  Summer Star

Me, with Aimee of  Summer Star

After a few basic pa-cute shots, I noticed the brick wall across us and so I tugged Aimee along and made her my instant model for my photoshoot-photoshootan. LOL. We were unprepared but the camera really loved her. I wasn't even instructing her what to do. She just stood there and did her thing. Really love you, Aimee! :) Trivia: I was just using my phone's camera. 

LOL, we didn't even know what we're doing. Look, our expressions didn't even match. :)))
btw, this shot was taken by Momo of Charmed

this shot was taken by Momo of Charmed
Momo of Charmed posing with Aimee of  Summer Star   

Momo of Charmed posing with Aimee of  Summer Star   

Few more photos with our friends:

With Kuya Vem

With Albertti

I miss these guys already. We'll surely make more cam-whoring fun when school resumes. Awwyeah!

NOTW: ColorTrends in Spotted!

Just this afternoon, I found some cheap items at the mall while I was chillin' out (read more HERE), and one of those items is this ColorTrends Nail Polish in Spotted!. Judging by the bottle, I was expecting it was the same shade as Caronia's On The Go, but when I actually wore it, it wasn't. But still, I kinda like how it turned out. It still has that summer-ish, beachy vibes that I want. Maybe it's the seafoam green shade that makes it feel like the beach. 

Still like it!

So here are some photos:


  • Easy application. It goes over smoothly in thin layers, hence making it dry quicker.
  • Pretty pigmented. It goes opaque in two coats, though I make three coats to make sure it doesn't wear off easily.
  • REALLY AFFORDABLE! For just P18, you could buy a whole lot of different shades!

  • It doesn't have a list of ingredients/chemicals at the back. I always look for those. (but I saw it came from the makers of Chic, so I still bought it)
  • Few choices of colors. Well, I don't know if they just have a really small variety of colors, or Mercury Drug just doesn't stock enough.

The pigment is nice, easy application, and really affordable. I've used two polishes from this brand already, and so far, they're safe for my nails. I would definitely repurchase.

Cheap Finds

This morning, I did my routine for this Summer: attended my class at the Summer Kindergarten Program at New Era University. I was supposed to be the kids' teacher, but due to a lot of things I took care of for myself (acads, family matters, and stuff), another teacher was assigned for them and I became his assistant, a.k.a. the kids' babysitter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. In fact, I love tending to the kids. In just a few weeks, I've become really close to them already. It warms my heart when I see them getting excited when they see me; when they come to me and proudly show me their works; when they hug me, and compete on who's gonna sit on my lap... all those little things that only little kids could give you. :)
(I'll tell you more about the Summer Kindergarten Program in a separate post)

Moving on, as I was saying earlier, I did my routine for this summer which was to tend to the kids at the SKP. Afterwards, I out-of-the-blue decided to go to TriNoma and The Block to just chill out. My guy friend gladly came with me. While walking around, I found these really cheap finds. 

Really needed some new flip-flops; all my old ones are now bound to see Payatas. So when I saw this nice & neat pair of white flip-flops which looked really cool for Summer (though it's soon ending), I bought them!

Bought these cute flip-flops @ Human for just P100!

I've been looking for the perfect nude shade for my nails. I was looking for the one from Bobbie which I saw a couple of months ago, but I couldn't find it anymore! I've also been wanting to buy Caronia's On the Go, but I couldn't find it anywhere, either. Then, I saw these cute mini bottles at one side of the rack, and look! The shades I've been looking for! PLUS, they're really cheap! One 6mL bottle costs P18. Yes, just 18 pesos! And by the way, it comes from the makers of Chic nail polish.

ColorTrends 117 & ColorTrends Spotted!

I've already tried the Nude shade, AND I REALLY LOVE IT! I think it's the perfect nude shade for my nails that would complement my skin tone. No need to find that Nude Bobbie polish! Heehee. For Spotted! though, I'm not quite satisfied. I like it, but I still want to get On the Go; I still like it better.

with the Klik Cracked Polish I got from Landmark 

I'd be writing NOTW posts for these items soon. They're good products, I swear. :)

Well, i guess that's all to this post! Really nice to find cheap buys every once in a while, yes? :)
How about you, do you know of some great but affordable products, too?
SHARE! I'd be glad to check them out! :D

Love lots,

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