20 May 2012

FOTN: First Attempt

Last Thursday, I woke up relatively early from my siesta, and so I had more time to prepare for our worship service that night. After taking a shower and getting myself dressed, I still had a lot of time left so I decided to try putting on some make-up. It's my first time to try applying full make-up on myself, because usually I just use powder and lipstick. Well, here goes nothing...

Forgive my messy brows; I'm still afraid to try shaping them myself. :S

For this refreshed and natural look, I used:

  • Eyes: PENSHOPPE Face It Bronzer (in Golden Glow)
  • Face: Garnier Light Whiten and Protect Moisturizing Cream
  • Face: Christian Aujard Sun Cover Two Way Cake
  • Blush: The Face Shop Illuminating Cushion Blusher in 03 Violet
  • Lips: Human Nature Flavored Lip Balm in Peppermint
  • Lips: SanSan Shimmering Lipstick in 05

The eyeshadow color doesn't show much in the photos, but it's actually a peachy-orangey shimmer. I first used the golden apricot shimmer to highlight my eyes up around my brow bone, and then I applied a bit of the orangey-peach shimmer t line my eyes just a little over my lashes. I used these because they look natural, and because it was already almost sunset when I was doing this and I got inspired with the color scheme. :D

So what do you think guys?
Wasn't that bad, eh?
Heehee. I'd practice. ;)

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