19 May 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

"Give a girl the right shoes, 
and she can conquer the world."
-- Marilyn Monroe

When I was 12 years old, my mom left us for another guy. It was really hard for me as I was just walking into my teenage years -- one of the most crucial parts, I believe -- without a mom to guide me along and help me with all the kikay stuff that I wanna try and explore. I only had my dad and my younger brother with me, with the occasional visits of my uncle who worked in a cruise in Europe. You see, I was the only female in the house, and so I was afraid to try to experiment with my girly-girl side. I was afraid they wouldn't understand all the vanity. I was afraid they would criticize me and call me maarte and stuff of the like. So I kept 'em all to myself, and became just a simple, typical, looks-younger-than-my-age teen. At 15, I still dressed and looked like a girl instead of a teen; really different from the usual girls my age. But when we transferred to Metro Manila, and as I reached 16, I realized I shouldn't be too afraid that my family might criticize me. Because just then, my dad actually became my personal stylista. I know, right? I was shocked, too! Turns out he has a very good and sophisticated sense of style, and the dresses and shoes he bought me were all reeeeaaally classy. Imagine the delight of a daddy's girl when she finds out that her dad knows exactly what she wants, after all! NOTE: My dad is straight, okay?

That was the time I discovered the magic and beauty of shoes. From two inches, to three, and now to four; high heels gave me the confidence I needed as a young lady. There's a certain magic whenever I wear heels. I gain instant confidence in my posture and stance, I become more prim & proper with the way I walk... it just turns me into a lady. And with all the essence of it. 

With my shoe fetish getting more into me, I've been browsing shops online looking for shoes that I might show my dad (and hopefully be bought by him for me. heehee). Just recently, I discovered Zalora Philippines from my blog community, NuffNang and saw just what I was looking for!

ZaloraPH offers a vast range of products from Fashion, Sports, Home & Living, and even to Pet Care! There is also no need to worry about the quality, because Zalora offers products from the top brands in the Philippines and internationally.

Zalora boasts of the following:

Easy navigation and intuitive operation
Simple and safe shopping
Fast Shipping
Free Delivery
Free Returns
Comprehensive and personal service
Unparalleled product range
Ultimate experience

A friend of mine already purchased from Zalora, and we both were impressed when her order came in just the same day! Really fast and convenient! Plus, they offer a Cash On Delivery payment option, so there's no need to be afraid about where your money might go. Zalora is all about EASE, CONVENIENCE, and RELIABLE service!

And so of course, I started to browse their shoes! There's a lot of stuff I came to love, but here are a few items from my wishlist:

I have already mentioned a hell lot of times how much I'm into pumps lately. Did I mention I'm into Mary Janes, too? Well, imagine my delight when they come together in a pair of shoes! I wanna get them in the two basic contrasting colors: The Red, and The Nude. It's The Sexy and The Sweet in shoes, yes? :D

There's this unique edge with booties, yes? 
Who wouldn't fall in love with this bright pastel yellow booties from Wade?

Of course, I wouldn't forget to get some for the one who has always been right there behind me, no mater what happens. Especially now that it's almost his birthday (his cake day is on June 8)! So I really hope to win these items as a gift for my dad. The shoes are just a bonus.

Esprit Velocity Chrono Rosegold Watch
One of my dad's constant must-haves is a watch. I think this one would be perfect for him. :)

Wade Semi-square toe slip-on Dress Shoes

And of course, from whom would I get my shoe fetish if my dad isn't a shoe lover, himself? I wish to get him this dress shoes so he would still remember me [and my brother] whenever he goes to his meetings. We're his stress-relievers, so if he could bring us with him with this shoes, I know it could help him a lot.

My dad is the most important person in my life now. He has become more than just my dad. He's my bestfriend, my confidante, my mentor, my guitar teacher, my stylista, my everything. Whenever he celebrates his birthday, me and my brother creates a special video for him. This year, I hope it could be more than just a video. I hope we could give him these gifts. Because he never fails to give us everything we want and need. :')

Great items, right? Get your own picks, too!
Aren't they just the sweetest? :)

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NOTE: Photos were grabbed from Zalora PH's website

Lots of love and sky-high heels,

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