28 May 2012


“Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis.” 
― Manolo Blahnik

Yes, I certainly agree. Cinderella was not the only one whose life was changed by shoes.

I was just entering my teenage life when my mom left us, and with only my dad and younger brother with me, I thought I'd had to discover my womanhood on my own. I was timid, got no style, really just plain and simple. But when I turned 16, my daddy started buying me gorgeous shoes -- their heels gradually getting higher and higher every time. And before I knew it, it had turned me into the lady I didn't expect I could be. Thanks to my dad... and to my shoes!

Now I'm 18, and I am just getting more fond of shoes. Though I don't have my own money to buy my own shoes yet, I love browsing at shoe catalogs online and when at the mall (so I already know which one to show dad when he asks me if I want new shoes. hihi). Just a few months ago, while browsing for shoes online, I've had what I think is the best EUREKA! moment in my entire shoe-hunting history. 


Dedicated to cater every fashionista's ever changing style. Asian Vogue provide shoppers with an extensive selection of fashion forward footwear...

From Classic Blacks...

to Color Blocking...

to Creepers...

to Chunky Heels...

Quirky pairs...

FASHION SHOES AND A LOT MORE, Asian Vogue has it all for you!

Now here are some of my favorite shoes from Asian Vogue. :)

Chunky-heeled Booties

more bootieeees!

Fashion Wedges

Mary Jane Chunky Heels
QZ-SLK-3  image 1

And more shoes!

There are  A LOT  of shoes to choose from, so it's really hard to get your picks. Wanna see what I'm talking about? Visit Asian Vogue Shop now!

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