11 December 2011

GIVEAWAY: Etude House items + Gift Vouchers from Pandora's Boxes

UPDATE: I removed one mandatory entry (Share Leanne's photo on FB) since the contest she joined was already over. However, all related entries submitted prior to this change are STILL COUNTED (early birds really gets the early worm!). Teehee :D

Just to while away time (and of course because of some wonderful prizes), I've been joining a lot of blog giveaways lately and found out it was fun! So when a conversation with my Chem1 & SocSci1 class mate, Leanne, led to the idea of starting my own simple giveaway, I did not give 'second thought' a chance to enter my mind.

So here it is, my very own simple and humble Year-end Giveaway to thank all my Tumblr followers and to launch my new Blog.

Here are the humble gifts I have for you:
ONE WINNER will get:

* 1 Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Body Wash
* 1 Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Body Lotion
* 1 Pandora's Boxes Gift Voucher worth Php100.00
* 1 Seaweed Mask Pack (courtesy of Pandora's Boxes)
* 1 Etude House Secret Long False Eyelashes (also courtesy of Pandora's Boxes)



* Follow my blog via GFC (+2)

* Like METAMORPHOSED on Facebook (+1)

* Share Leanne's photo on Facebook (see link in Rafflecopter instructions below). (+5)

* Like Pandora's Boxes on Facebook (+2)



* Pin this giveaway on your blog's sidebar, linking back to this post. You can see the instructions on the rafflecopter app.

* Follow me on Tumblr (+2)
* Reblog this Tumblr Post (+2)
* Follow @paigerrific on Twitter (+2)
* Tweet this message: "Join @paigerrific 's Year-end #Giveaway here: http://paigerrific7.blogspot.com/2011/12/giveaway-dress-room-items-from-etude.html" (+2)
* Answer this question: "What do you do to take care of your skin?" (+2)
* Blog about this giveaway (+5)

THAT'S 25 ENTRIES ALL IN ALL! Easy, right? :D

And hey! Don't forget to Leave a comment stating your NAME, GFC NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, TWITTER NAME, and FACEBOOK NAME

AND BY THE WAY, THREE RUNNERS-UP will each get 1 Pandora's Boxes Gift Voucher worth Php100.00.

Just wait for RAFFLECOPTER to load, and then accomplish the following steps to send in your entries. GOOD LUCK! :)



  1. "What do you do to take care of your skin?"
    answer: sleep right and drink plenty of water

  2. Hi there @Snowflake Girl! You'll have a chance to have it by joining this giveaway! Just accomplish the steps to get entries. Good Luck! :)

  3. Hi @Jhenz! That's right. The most natural ways are really one of the best ways. :D Thanks for joining. Good luck! :)

  4. By the way @Jhenz , don't forget to put your credentials here as a comment. :)


  5. hey girls! don't forget to "CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS" before clicking the "I DID THIS" button. If you do not follow my instructions accordingly, I may not qualify your entry/entries.

    Also, leave your credentials for VERIFICATION PURPOSES and so that I know how to contact you in case you win. Thank you and good luck. :)

  6. Hydration is the key.. keep yourself well moisturized and drink lots of water..


  7. Sorry for the few changes on the mechanics, girls. I wasn't expecting you to come this immediate. Heehee. :D anyway, those are just minimal changes and they won't affect your entries. Thanks! :D

  8. What do you do to take care of your skin?

    I drink lots of water! :)

    NAME: Mary Jay Javier
    GFC NAME: maryjayjavier29
    EMAIL ADDRESS: maryjayjavier29@yahoo.com.ph
    TWITTER NAME: maryjayjavier
    FACEBOOK NAME: Mary Jay Javier

  9. "What do you do to take care of your skin?"
    Answer: I always drink a lot of water and I remove my make up and wash my face before going to bed. I have enough sleep. I love to eat vegetables and fruits that can help my healthy skin :)

  10. I drink a lot of water, put lotion everyday and eat nutritious food:)

  11. Hey dear! I see you have a giveaway, too. Check your email for some good news :)

  12. (1) Cleanse my face gently. Don't clean so much you dry it out.
    (2) Exfoliate.
    (3) Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet which includes many fruits and vegetables. Reduce stress when possible.

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  15. Name: Maiza Miñon
    GFC: ate paige, i dunno what GFC means.. so i did not write anything 'bout this
    E-Mail Add: maiza_zai07@yahoo.com
    Twitter: MsMaiza
    FB: Maiza Miñon

    Answer: I use lotion twice a day and always bring umbrella especially during sunny days to avoid sunburns.. I keep it healthy 'cause it's the fingerprint of what is going on inside my body.

    -Be Healthy! Be Pretty! ;D

  16. Can't wait to know the results. Wish my entry would be picked! ;) Looking forward to get those ETUDE HOUSE iTEMS!! ;D

  17. NAME: jenifer balatico
    GFC NAME: jhenz balatico
    EMAIL ADDRESS: jeniferbalatico@rocketmail.com
    TWITTER NAME: itsme_JHENZtine
    FACEBOOK NAME: jenifer santander balatico

  18. My daily routine is wash-cleanse-moisturize. I've learned a lot from Candy mag actually. I wash my face with a mild facial wash/scrub. After that, I put on cleansing solution/astringent that is not too harsh to my skin. Then I moisturize it. I do this day and night, 7 times a week.

    I also take care of my skin by not using too much make-up, since I'm still young. But when I do put on make-up, I make sure that I wash my face properly before hitting the dreamland

    The Natural Way:
    I Drink lots of water! My skin needs to hydrate since I sweat a lot. And eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Fruits are 95% water! AVOID SOFTDRINKS AND JUNKFOODS!

    NAME: Leica Marie De Leon
    GFC NAME: cacaii_19
    EMAIL ADDRESS: cacaii_19@yahoo.com.ph
    TWITTER NAME: Leica De Leon (#leicadam)
    FACEBOOK NAME: Leica De Leon

  19. Name: Danica Casidsid
    GFC: what GFC stands for?
    E-Mail Add: casidsidnica@yahoo.com
    Twitter: wala ako twitter D:
    FB: Nica Casidsid

    "What do you do to take care of your skin?"

    drink lots lots of water
    don't forget to eat lots of veggies
    sleep early :)
    use lotion for smoother skin :)

  20. What do you do to take care of your skin?

    - I drinks lots of water
    - I wear sunscreen every time I go out
    - I don't wear foundation everyday but I rather use my tinted moisturizer


  21. Name: Gizzele Alfonso
    GFC: 11ghieszelle07
    Emai: gizzele_11@yahoo.com
    FB: Gizzele Alfonso

    What do you do to take care of your skin?

    -I drinks lots of water
    -I wear sunscreen every time I go out
    -I don't wear foundation everyday, so I use my tinted moisturizer

  22. "What do you do to take care of your skin?"
    NAME: Camille Lipana
    GFC: Camillealea
    FB: Camillealealipana11@yahoo.com

    "What do you do to take care of your skin?"
    >drink lot of water
    >keeping skin clean and oil-free

  23. I drink plenty of water :)

    camille quiambao


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