02 January 2013

Nails: New Year Blackout


Sooo, how're your first few days of 2013 going? I'm sure you're filled with fresh hopes, goals, wishes, joy, and a burst of color and sparkles for the entire year ahead. Yep, because that's exactly the same thing for me! ;) Well, speaking of color and sparkles, I'm absolutely thrilled to share with you my first nail art for the year...


I made this simple nail art two evenings before 2013 came in. It's been a while since I last did my nails because I've been practicing to play the guitar again, hence I couldn't keep long nails. I had to come up with a nail design for short nails, and here it is! I just thought it's the perfect thing for my nails to welcome the new year, don't you think? :) Here's how I did it:

I painted my nails with three different sparkle colors, all from CARONIA (the purple glitter is Trance, the metallic blue is Sapphire, and the silver one is Silver Platinum).  For my index and middle fingers, I topped them off with the Caress Disco nail polish topper I used here.

If I had some striping tape, I would use it, but I don't. So I used masking tape instead. I randomly striped and covered the areas from which I wanted the color to appear, and then...

I topped my nails with Caronia Black Velvet. After making sure I've covered the entire nail, I carefully took off the masking tape stripes I made.

Aaaaand... TADAAAH!

It's still a bit of a mess, but I'm quite happy with it already. It's my first time to do a blackout, anyway. Oh, and I can just imagine how great those fingernails would look on and with my guitar. :>

Btw here's a photo of my favorite blacked-out nail. :>

Do you like it, sweeties? I hope you can try it out, too! Don't forget to share it with us if you do!

Love lots,

22 December 2012

Chopped it Off

Greetings with my new haircut!

It's been a long time since I last had my hair chopped, and not to mention letting go of what, 10 inches? See, here's a photo of how long my hair was prior to le haircut:

(taken last November 23, 2012)

Sooo what do you think? :D

07 November 2012


I've already done the intro drama HERE, so let's just cut out all extraneous blahs (I think that's redundant. lol), and move on straight to the giveaway!

Well, for starters, let me announce that

shall automatically get
One P100 Crystal Lens Voucher
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That is how Pandora's Boxes and Peu de Soleil love and value their followers and clients!
And aside from that...



One (1) Crystal Lens Pair OF YOUR CHOICE 

from Pandora's Boxes
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One (1) Crystal Lens Voucher
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Here's what you have to do:

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I, Ms. Xandra (of Pandora's), and my brother shall judge your answers and pick the winner based on the following criteria:

30% - Compliance to the mechanics
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Frown not, my dearies, because we also have prizes for runners-up (The details of which, we shall announce on the following days)! We shall pick THREE (3) RUNNERS-UP via Random Raffle. Each of them shall receive:

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Oh, and one more thing: This giveaway would not end on a definite date. 
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For the raffle mechanics, just wait for the Rafflecopter App to load and start entering! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Some Midnight Thoughts + A Giveaway Announcement

Hello, sweeties!

For those of you who regularly read the [mostly] mundane stuff that I occasionally post here, you would probably know that for months I have been hinting on starting a Crystal Color Lens giveaway but could hardly find the time to organize it. You know I still had a lot of more important things to do, and I don't like starting something when I know I can't give it my 110% yet. You know what they say, 

"Anything worth doing is worth doing well."

And yes, that explains why I'd rather go M.I.A. than post nonsensical articles here (although recently this blog has been turning into just an online diary of sorts in which I write things that most people don't even give a crap about). Or even when I already have something brilliant in mind, I still don't wanna rush and do it right away. I wanna make sure I've already looked at all angles, and planned everything to make it perfect. Ayoko 'yung lalabas na puchu-puchu lang. Well, at least most of the time.

For the past months, I've been planning giveaways, DIY Tutorials, free craft printables, and other things that would actually reflect the real ME. Like, you know, I'm not really a Beauty & Makeup Enthusiast; I'm a crafter and a hobbyist. I just thought of trying it out. Beauty&Makeup, I mean (lol omg I'm unconsciously adapting Sam's way of speaking. *see what I'm talking about here*). But I've noticed I've not been being hundred-percent productive on this blog, since the category it's in is not actually my niche. So although I've been enjoying the new stuff I've been learning for the past few months, I think imma let it all go and start to slowly transform this blog into what it truly ought to be. Mmm! Chumarot ako d'on ng 'onti. :))) Sooooooo, yes. I guess you'll be seeing more and more artsy-fartsy stuff in here soon. That would be gradually, though. Since I really don't wanna rush things. 

You know what happens to a would-be butterfly if you don't wait for it to naturally get out of its cocoon and you pull it out? It wouldn't be the amazingly wonderful creature which it ought to be. That's one of my principles in life. We should never rush things, because doing so would rob them of their true potential. 

You wouldn't want that, would you? Because I certainly wouldn't. :)

Well anyways, I got some good and less yawn-inducing news for you! That Crystal Color Lens giveaway I was talking about? I've finally got the time to organize it! The giveaway would be live few hours from now, so I hope you'd stay tuned! I'll be giving away One (1) Pair of Crystal Lens (your choice!) for One (1) winner, and Pandora's Boxes is kind & sweet enough to add GCs for runners-up!

Good night! :D

Lots of Love,

31 October 2012

Lens Review: Crystal Color Lens in Amethyst Grey

Hello there, sweeties!

It's been a while since I've last published a decent blog post here, and even more so, a product review. I've been really loaded these past few weeks, what with academic requirements, church duties, helping out dad with his projects, assisting my uncle in his new baking & pastry business, and setting up my very own e-shop: Peu de Soleil (check it out! :D).

Soooo yeah, talk about backlog. I have lots of photos yet to be posted and writings yet to be made. One of those overdue articles, is this review. I've received the lens package last October 13 and planned to publish a review seven days after trying it out, but lots of stuff came in my way so I had to delay. I think it's a good thing, though. At least I've already worn the lenses for more or less three weeks, and that gives me more information, yes? So let's head on to the review, shall we? :D

Well, before anything else, I got this Crystal Lens pair from Pandora's Boxes. A pair retails at P450 for Plano or Non-graded pairs, and P500 for Graded ones. The lenses have a shelf life of three years, and  with proper care, may last up to 1 year upon opening. Great deal, right? I see most lenses of the same quality being sold at P600-P1,000 on other e-shops and eye clinics.

This is just really cute. I can't even. Aaaaack! Kawaii :3

Just as always, the package consists of 2 vials of lensesa lens case, and a manual


The vials have the details clearly indicated: the design and grade are written on the cap, while the base curve, lens diameter, and other details are written on the vial's label (which, clearly, I have forgotten to take a photo of. Sorry :/).

Lens Design Code: Amethyst Grey
Diameter: 15.0mm


with flash, under fluorescent lighting


I really love the color grey, especially when it comes to contact lenses. It just looks so classy and sophisticated, plus it accentuates the eyes without going over-the-top (like with red or aqua blue). These lenses are not excluded from that. The design also adds to the sophistication and class, see:

The flourish accents reminds me of princesses and castles. Too bad that doesn't show much when worn. However, the dark and adequately thick outline kinda makes up for it. The outline emphasizes the eyes enough for a doll-eye look, yet not alien-y. I give this pair 3 ✿s for color and design. Not too impressive a design, but the color and the over-all effect still come out nicely.

With a 15.0mm diameter, the lens enlarges the eyes enough for just a cute, doll-eye effect without looking like you came from Mars. Perfect for Ulzzang, Gyaru, or just everyday look. I absolutely love it.

COMFORT: ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ 
If there's something I like most about these pair of lens, it is its superb comfort. This is already my third pair from Pandora's Boxes, and they never fail to give my eyes the safety and comfort that they need. It's been a quarter of a year already since I last worn contact lens, but I had no problem wearing these new ones even for the first time. It dries up a little after 4 hours of wearing, but I get to wear it for 6 hours with the help of some eye drops. 

I totally recommend this for those of you who are opting for graded lens in alternate use with eyeglasses (that's what I do. hihi). As I've mentioned earlier, it's accentuating in a way that's not too disturbing to look at; and still somehow natural-looking.


No lens:

Wearing the lens; with flash, under fluorescent lighting:

No flash; incandescent lighting

No flash; natural lighting:




Here are some of my personal picks:

Hope this post had been useful.
Thanks for reading!


29 October 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I first encountered and used Wacoal under-garments during the preparations for my 18th Birthday Party last year. Usually, my dad just takes me to the teen section of the department store and lets me choose my underwear -- I even remember the last ones I bought were ones with Mickey & Minnie Mouse watermarks (I was such a kid!) -- but that time when we were going pre-debut shopping, my dad took me to Wacoal.

That moment I thought, "Whoa. So I'm really becoming a woman now, ain't I?"

From that instance on, Wacoal became not just another undergarment brand for me; it became a marker which celebrates my becoming a woman. :) Now I am posed a question, “How can you be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal?”

Wacoal has been giving me stay-put yet comfortable support ever since I first tried its undergarments. I've been more confident and fearless in trying out new stuff, especially in dressing up. And even though I am not what society's standards might call sexy or body beautiful (with my roundness and all), Wacoal had taught me how to be comfortable, confident, and live up the real definition of being body beautiful. Being body beautiful, just like beauty itself, is not something that should be captive to society's perception and standards. It must not be boxed by anything or anyone, or dictated by others' opinions; instead it must be something that we ourselves feel on our own, and help us effortlessly exude such vibes. With this, we could be certain that we could be body beautiful at any age, and Wacoal is one thing that would help us feel and achieve such.

The photo below is one from Wacoal's new arrivals. I love how it's sexy yet still made sweet with the pastel tone, polka-dot pattern, and those cutie patootie bows attached. Perfect for the becoming-a-woman-yet-still-watches-Disney-channel young lady like me!

My recent favorite; one from their New Arrivals

How about you? Do you also wanna be truly body beautiful?
Then visit and try Wacoal now, and feel the difference! ;)

Love lots,

24 September 2012

The Godmother

Oh, how swift time flies. It's like it wasn't long ago when I just turned 7, and now I'm 19 and already a legit Godmother to two of my nieces. *sigh* Speaking of which, just recently, I've attended to my uber cute goddaughter's first birthday party (yay!). Her name's Mischa, and she would be blowing her candles every 11th of September. Yep, just a day before my own cake day! Maybe that's why she likes me so much despite not being with her often. Her birthday was actually the first time we met, and I was surprised because she wasn't 'scared' of me like she was with most people. Instead, she gladly came to me whenever I gestured towards her, and she never cried in my arms. Na-ah, never. :D

Her birthday party was held last September 15, at the Magnolia Place in Quezon City. The party theme was Disney, and I really loved it. It was like I was being brought back to my childhood :) Here are some photos taken from the celebration.









Life indeed is too short and time's a selfish bitch, so let's enjoy every moment and live like there's gonna be no tomorrow. :D

Love lots,

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