19 May 2012

Cheap Finds

This morning, I did my routine for this Summer: attended my class at the Summer Kindergarten Program at New Era University. I was supposed to be the kids' teacher, but due to a lot of things I took care of for myself (acads, family matters, and stuff), another teacher was assigned for them and I became his assistant, a.k.a. the kids' babysitter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. In fact, I love tending to the kids. In just a few weeks, I've become really close to them already. It warms my heart when I see them getting excited when they see me; when they come to me and proudly show me their works; when they hug me, and compete on who's gonna sit on my lap... all those little things that only little kids could give you. :)
(I'll tell you more about the Summer Kindergarten Program in a separate post)

Moving on, as I was saying earlier, I did my routine for this summer which was to tend to the kids at the SKP. Afterwards, I out-of-the-blue decided to go to TriNoma and The Block to just chill out. My guy friend gladly came with me. While walking around, I found these really cheap finds. 

Really needed some new flip-flops; all my old ones are now bound to see Payatas. So when I saw this nice & neat pair of white flip-flops which looked really cool for Summer (though it's soon ending), I bought them!

Bought these cute flip-flops @ Human for just P100!

I've been looking for the perfect nude shade for my nails. I was looking for the one from Bobbie which I saw a couple of months ago, but I couldn't find it anymore! I've also been wanting to buy Caronia's On the Go, but I couldn't find it anywhere, either. Then, I saw these cute mini bottles at one side of the rack, and look! The shades I've been looking for! PLUS, they're really cheap! One 6mL bottle costs P18. Yes, just 18 pesos! And by the way, it comes from the makers of Chic nail polish.

ColorTrends 117 & ColorTrends Spotted!

I've already tried the Nude shade, AND I REALLY LOVE IT! I think it's the perfect nude shade for my nails that would complement my skin tone. No need to find that Nude Bobbie polish! Heehee. For Spotted! though, I'm not quite satisfied. I like it, but I still want to get On the Go; I still like it better.

with the Klik Cracked Polish I got from Landmark 

I'd be writing NOTW posts for these items soon. They're good products, I swear. :)

Well, i guess that's all to this post! Really nice to find cheap buys every once in a while, yes? :)
How about you, do you know of some great but affordable products, too?
SHARE! I'd be glad to check them out! :D

Love lots,


  1. the flipflops look so cool! i need to buy some too :)
    Also the nail polishes colors are pretty:))

    just followed you! follow me back!


  2. Yes, I love the flip-flops, too! And they're really cheap. P100, that's just about $2!

    Aww, thanks! I just followed you back! :)


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