24 April 2012

HAIR POST #1: Le Summer Waves!

Hello, hello! 
So how's your Summer going, sweeties? Time flies too swiftly, yes? It's as if yesterday was just the end of classes, and now April's already almost over. I haven't even gone beachin' yet. 


Anyways, so because of all the Summer vibes filling up my head, I randomly searched for "summer" in youtube, and this is one of the posts I found. Come on, watch it, it's nice. :) 

After watching it, seeing her hair oh-so-gorgeous like that, I was like:



"Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, I want that, too."

And so yes, I did. I tried doing it myself with my trusty flat iron. Sorry, I wasn't able to capture an immediate "before" photo, so I'll just attach this photo I grabbed from my Facebook account.

BEFORE                                              AFTER

I know, right? I didn't quite achieve the pretty pretty curls in the video tutorial, but I'm quite okay with what I got. It's just my first time, anyway. And besides, this was really what I want -- just a sea of lazy waves on my hair. Suits my carefree, bubbly self. BUT -- there's a but! -- I would definitely, definitely, practice more. :D

How about you, sweeties? What new stuff are you trying out this Summer vacay? You know we don't always get loads of free time like this, so grab any opportunity to try out new stuff -- no matter how big or no matter how small. ;)

Oh well, that's all to this post, I guess. I'm still looking for some nice styles to try for my hair, so if you know something cool, just let me know!

Ciao for now!

Lots of love,


  1. Hi! I'm currently running a giveaway.. maybe you're interested! :)

  2. You look nice with either style :D I wish my hair were as straight as yours. :D

  3. Aww, thank you Miss Aya ! however, super straight hair could sometimes get really boring :/ 

  4. Hello Paige! Summer waves suite your hair perfectly. Thanks for sharing this! It gave me an idea to restyle my hair or something. :) Followed you back. 

  5. Nice to know I helped you even in that little way.. Saw you on your posts, I know any hairstyle would suit you! ;) Looking forward to a hair post from you, too :D

    Btw, Thanks for following! :D


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