30 March 2012

NOTW: Cupcake Nails

Hello sweeties! Forgive me for being MIA for quite some time; we had internet problems and so my blogging goes away with that. :(

Anyways, this nail post should have been just a week after my Paris-inspired nails, but due to my disconnection from the internet, I wasn't able to post it immediately. I've been dying to make this cupcake nails for quite some time already, and I was really happy when I finally did. :D

So I started off with a Base Coat and Nail Hardener, of course, and then I made pink and light pink stripes on half my nails. Just like this:

When I finished this step, I kinda wanted to forget about the Cupcake Nails and just be good with pink stripes. They're so French-ish!!! :"> I loved how the pink and light pink stripes went together. But since I just painted half my nails, I have to carry on with my original plan. So the next step is to make the frosting. I just applied white acrylic paint over the pink stripes:

And of course, this won't be complete without the "Cherry on Top" so I just dotted the "cupcakes" with my Caronia Brick Red Nail Polish.

And tadaaaaah! 
My Cupcake Nails! :D

I like to call it "My Sweet Little Bits" Nails because it somehow resembles my blog logo. 
So, what do you think? :)

13 March 2012

NOTW: Eiffel Tower Nails

Hello, sweeties!
I know I've been very vocal about my GREAT LOVE for Paris and London. And so I have forever been aching to make Paris and London designs on my nails, too! I've already made a UK-Flag-inspired nail designs about a month ago (see it HERE). About three days ago, I was finally able to make my first Paris-Inspired Nail design (I say this is my first, because I still have a lot of Paris-Inspired Nail Designs in mind). YEY! :D

Here it is:

I started of with my Caronia Marquise frosted nail polish. It was what I used in my NOTW post 2 weeks ago (see it HERE) wherein I settled with its translucency, but this time I applied it in 2-3 coats to achieve a more opaque finish.

Afterwards, I drew the Eiffel Tower (well, I know it doesn't look much like the Eiffel Tower, but you get the point. HAHA) using black acrylic paint.

For my thumb, I painted the word "Paris" :D

Hmm, so what do you guys think? :D

12 March 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Shick, & Nuffnang!

My ideal NuffNang Summer is defined by FUN & ADVENTURE! 
I would love to visit one of the Philippines' hot spots. I still don't know where, since my dad always decides on stuff, but I would love going to Batangas, Bataan, Zambales, or perhaps even Cebu, Bohol, or Boracay. Definitely I'd spend time with my family, eat delicious native Filipino cuisine,  try out some extreme sports, experience local/native culture, and of course, 

I'm sure you too would not let the Summer pass without hitting the beach or perhaps some swimming at a nearby resort. So to help gear yourself up for all the under-the-sun and bare-your-skin activities, don't forget to grab some Banana Boat and Schick products before you go!

"Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We've got you covered."

Banana Boat offers unique screen protection for basically everyone. They have a Sport Performance Collection, a Kids and Baby Collection, a Natural Reflect Collection, and more.

One thing I really love is that they also have something to protect my lips!
Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Lip Balm
SPF 50

They also have something for our cute, little babies who just wanna enjoy the sun:
Kids SPF 50 Sunscreen Stick

"Free your skin."

Never be afraid to shed some skin; Schick is here to back you up!
Remove all unwanted hair and be confident to wear that bikini!

Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® It's just the gadget a girl needs to stay perfectly groomed. Try Quattro for Women® TrimStyle®, the first four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. Shave, trim and transform with just the flip of a handle.

is just around the corner.
Be sure you have some Banana Boat and Schick to gear you up.

with Banana Boat, Schick, and NuffNang!

06 March 2012

WIN a Galaxy Tab 7 Plus from Samsung Mobile Philippines!

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03 March 2012

Quick OOTD post: Goin' Denim

Hello there, sweeties! 
Today I'm posting my FIRST shot on an OOTD post. Heehee :D
I didn't really intend to make this post (that explains the really cheap photos), but I was sort of fascinated with the fact that I was able to solve a bit of a Fashion Emergency so I thought I might as well write a quick post about it.

So it was just another lazy Monday (FREE day for UPD) for me when I realized I don't have anything ready to wear yet for our Organization's weekly caucus. I rummaged through my closet and couldn't find any dress since we had just taken them all out for laundry. Luckily, I found this almost forgotten denim dress hanged in one corner of my clothes cabinet. I just took a power belt, put on a white cropped cardigan, and voila! -- quick-fix for my outfit dilemma. Teehee :D

2. Black Power Belt - People are People
3. White Cardigan - Shoppesville
4. Transparent Watch - Anne Klein
5. White Coral Bracelet - a gift from my BFF, Victoria :)
6. Black Wedges - Wade Shoes

My bracelet is kinda messed up here. Haha :))
It's magnetic, so it really has a tendency to mess itself up at some point.


Transparent watch from Anne Klein

Black Wedges from WADE
Sorry for the POOR quality :(
I'll replace this with a better photo when I get to take one. :))

Well, that's it. I hope I can post more OOTD posts soon. :)
Btw, I only used my cellphone camera for this, and edited them using my new Android App: PicsArt. I'll also write an App Review on it soon. :)

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