19 May 2012

More Reasons to Say "WOW!" to Sun!

I have been using SunCellular as my primary mobile network for about three years now. I just love the strong signal and connection! Not just that, loading had never been this easy for me with the other networks. I can load with a fixed and ready promo from my suking tindahan, and when I know I need to reload my unlimited promo soon, I no longer have to wait for my previous promo to expire because I can reload anytime! The new load just adds up to the previous one, so there's less hassle.

But just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it does. Because SunCellular gives us more reasons to Say "WOW" to Sun! Check out this cool new promo as they bring us Blackberry Curve 8520!

Still not convinced? Visit them on Facebook and be persuaded. ;)

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