16 April 2012

Girl Bonding with my BFTs + Nail Art! :D

NOTE: Just click on the photos for a larger view.

Hi there, Sweeties!

I'm sorry I'm not so active in blogging lately; I got a lot of stuff to take care of, and a lot of things to catch up on. I've been itching to tell you a lot of stories, but yeah, I didn't have the time. When I come home at night, I wanna go blog about my day immediately, but I just end up falling asleep. 

Anyways, just recently my BFTs and I had some girl bonding time at our friend's [Bea's] house. It was SUPER FUN! We had not talked to each other for like ages (to tell you a bit more accurately, 'twas about a year or so), so we all went non-stop with our stories and all. Sooo highschool BFFs mode. You get the idea, gals. LOL.

All of us were already really hungry when we met up, so we started off with... LUNCH!
Our MOMMY for the day, Bea, preparing lunch for us. And there's Jaycee, all-smiles for the camera. 

Mommy Bea just noticed I was shooting photos, and hurriedly covered her face
(as if the camera didn't catch her in the first photo! LOL).

The three of us posing for the camera with the help of a 10-second self-timer.
We had Barbecue Liempo and Jumbo hotdogs for lunch, with chilled tomatoes as side dish. Afterwards, we ate the fruit salad made by Jaycee's mom, Tita Odith. Lunch was superb! Especially when you have it with your bestest buddies. After lunch, we decided to do some nail painting.

Me, mixing in some acrylic nail colors
(I need to see some nice colors to get me inspired teehee).
I first worked on Bea's nails. She's a certified Paris-lover like me, so I decided I'd make her Eiffel Tower Nails (same as what I did for myself weeks ago, but with a different color scheme). I used Caronia Marquise as base color, and ORLY Matte in Purple for the Eiffel Tower.

Well, I wasn't really happy with my work. I'm not used to drawing/painting freehand with nail polish (because it quickly gets really sticky), but I forgot to bring my acrylic paints so I had to give it a shot. Just as I expected, it was a disaster.
Bea said it was fine and cute, but I wasn't really happy. I want to change it. Well, I decided to work on Jaycee's nails first while I think of a new design for Bea. So for Jaycee, I used another previous design of mine: cupcake nails (but again with a different color scheme). I used Orly Matte Nail Lacquer in Purple for the cupcake's base, and then I used white acrylic paint for the frosting. I drew sprinkles using color pens and Caronia Brick Red for the nice and sweet "cherry on top".

Jaycee posing with her ube cupcakes. Heehee! :D

Ube Cupcakes designed by ME! :)
photo credits: Jayce Francisco

Ube Cupcakes designed by ME! :)
photo credits: Jayce Francisco
The candy sprinkles smudged a bit because we put on the top coat much too early. We didn't realize the sprinkles were still wet, so the top coat smudged them off.

On the other side of the room, while waiting for me to finish with Jaycee, Bea painted her toe nails with a nice bluish green shimmer. I can't remember which nail polish she used; it was from Jayce's nail kit. :)) Idk why I remember Bella Swan with this shade. Hmmm...

After working with Jaycee, I started to work with Bea with a new design in mind: Strawberry-inspired nails! Cute, right? Bea is so cute and fun and quirky, plus she has really light complexion so I know it would suit her well. :)

Bea's red red nails

Working on Bea's nails

Tadaaah! Strawberry nails!
Now here are the nails of my happy "customers" LOL.

By the way, we had some snacks while nail painting. A huge bag of Piattos, Peanut Butter Kisses, and a bag of Milk Candy all courtesy of Jaycee. I know right, she's one heck of a foodie. :)) Here's a photo of the bag of Milk candy from Cagayan. Wasn't able to take photos of the other snacks, though. :P

It was sure a lot of fun painting their nails while having some chips and chit-chat, but the fun doesn't stop there! An afternoon of Girl Bonding won't be complete without some CAM-WHORING!

Here are some photos taken with Jaycee's cam:

ang walang kamatayang heart sign!
maaraw ba sa loob? LOL
Tryin' out the currently famous DUCK FACE!
If a picture paints a thousand words, then what does this picture say? HAHA!
BUSTED! Hahaha. We were cam-whoring with just the help of Bea's trusty tripod and
Jaycee's cam's self-timer mode. In this photo, we weren't able to face the cam on time. LOL.

Strike a pose, girls!

It was a indeed such a fun-filled afternoon for us, but we do hope we were complete. Two of our besties weren't there -- Rea and Ruth. They had other important matters to attend to that day, so I guess we'll just see them next time.

How about you, sweeties? I wanna know about you and your besties, too!
What crazy stuff do you do at random? Share them, I would love to hear from you. :)

Love lots,


  1. i love this post. you girls did enjoy and had such a blast.. your pictures show it!

    1. yes, we sure did! thanks!! :)

      (finally, lumabas din ang comment. haha)


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