19 April 2012

Breezy Pastels with Romwe

Breezy Pastels with Romwe

T shirt
$25 - romwe.com

$37 - romwe.com

Ankle booties
£41 - missguided.co.uk

Antik Batik bracelet
$110 - stylebop.com

Kate Spade necklace
$178 - couture.zappos.com

Mango sunglasses
£15 - mango.com


  1. ROMWE has really great stuff indeed! love em :) cute blog! you got a new follower :)

    btw, i have an ongoing giveaway on my blog! Please do join if you haven't yet! Thank you!


  2. Hello! Yes, they absolutely have great stuff! Do you know they have an ongoing giveaway? You'd just have to send them a video and you automatically get Romwe items! You'll get a T-shirt, a pair of tights, a piece of jewelry and $50 freebies. Oh diba? Participation prize pa lang yan! If you win pa, you'll get additional $300 freebies! :D if you wanna join, here's a link to the contest: 

    Anyways, thanks for following me! Awww, you have a nice blog, too. Just followed you a few days ago :)

    And yes, I've seen your giveaway when I visited your blog. Joined it already... thanks! :D


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