17 April 2012

CHEVY DREAM TOUR by XX: "Join the Tour, Wear XX!"

So what is XX and what is the Chevy Dream Tour?

XX is an online garment retail store that caters to young women. 
It was formed this April of 2012 by five young individuals namely Anna, Han Na, Kristine, Ivy and Rj whose main goal is to provide quality garments to young individuals that are hip and fresh.

The brand frequently draws inspiration from concert scenes, the streets and the ways of the youth. 

Mission: To provide hip and quality clothing to the youth, specifically girls aged 16-25.

Vision: To be one of the trusted online retail companies in the country.

The Chevy Dream Tour is their first Summer Collection. Throughout this summer, they will post new additions to the Dream Tour Collection so keep yourselves up-to-date by Following them on Tumblr and Liking their Official Facebook Page.

Tonight, they have just posted the first piece in their Chevy Dream Tour Collection. Check this out: (just click on the photos for a larger view)

This is Kaira. She loves the sand, grass, and sun. She enjoys concerts on open fields
where she can just let loose and dance. She’s definitely an XX girl. Are you an XX girl?

And here's "Lavender Sunshine" tank top, the first piece in their collection which they sell for PhP 500.

If you would like to order, just fill out the order form

For more details, visit them on:


So what do you think? Comment below. :)

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