06 April 2012

Tribute to the Parents and Graduates 2012

For those who don't know yet, I am an Iglesia Ni Cristo member. As members of the church and students at the same time, we are all encouraged to join Christian Brotherhood International (CBI), a student organization which primarily aims to keep the members of the Church of Christ together; help them with their needs -- whether academic or spiritual -- and guide them into keeping the Christian ways even when faced with the college "temptations". There are CBI orgs in almost each school and university worldwide; as long as there are enough INC members studying in there. 

Just like any other student organization, CBI holds activities for their members, too! Just recently our chapter, UP Diliman CBI, held the Tribute to the Parents and Graduates for, obviously, the graduating students and their parents. We were kinda stressed out because of all the constraints that came in the way before the event, but we still succeeded. Hooray for God's great providence! :D

Here are some photos from the said event 
(I can't post all of them due to some church-related privacy concerns):
This was how the stage looked like. I'm proud to say that I was the one who made those letters! :D I drew the letters on Styrofoam and cut them. I mixed some paint and then my fellow officers were the ones who painted them.
That's Farah Xuxa of xuu.tumblr.com
and that's Albertti Flores of siralbertti.tumblr.com
one long shot of the venue
That's Kuya Kenneth holding up our token of congratulations for him. :D
Picture-taking while waiting for our turn in the buffet.
(left to right) Menggay, Ate Jeddah, Ate Cha, Ate Ktine, and ME! :D
Menggay is a 3rd year Statistics student; Ate Jeddah is taking up Civil Engineering; Ate Cha -- my ultimate girl crush in CB -- is an Interior Design student; and Ate Ktine is from Clothing Technology. We all go to UP Diliman. And we're all cam-wh*res. LOL.
(Left to right) Ate Cha, Ate Ktine, Ate Jeddah, Ate Phoebe, Ate Cha again hihi :D
More photos! :D
Eating Time! :D
I super love the appetizers. The macaroni salad, shrimp crackers, and all. I think I ate more from the appetizers than from the entree. Haha! And I love the butterscotch dessert, too. :D
After eating, the graduates were each given a few minutes for their "speech".
Ate Josie, getting emotional while speaking about her parents.
Kuya Kenneth with his mom and dad. They were wearing his gift for them. They were shirts saying, "Sa wakas, graduate na ang anak ko!" Hehe. Cool, right? :D
After the event, of course we had...
My beloved committee, my beloved OSSIM! :D
(3rd photo, left to right) ME, Ate Josie, Menggay, and Kuya Miko
I didn't let the event pass without having a photo with Ate Josie. I came to love her so much even though we've only been together for barely a year. She taught me a lot, made me realize a lot, and she has come to be one of my greatest inspirations -- whether it be in academics or in my duties in The Church.

Proud to have finished this even though we were in such a rush :')
Photo with Ze Girrrls! :D
(Left to right) Dianne, Charm, ME, Trizia, Katz, Justine, Menggay, Yani, and Chelsea
With my College Sister, Trizia Mae of  dancinggummybears.tumblr.com
LOL at my earrings there. XD
Can you find me in here? :D

It was indeed another fun activity with UPD CBI. I really love them. They're my family now. They help me beat the college blues and make it through any hardship that come my way. *sigh* I wonder how many buckets of tears I'd cry when it's time for my batch's Tribute? :')

How about you, guys? Do you have your own college family, too?
I'd love it if you'd share some stories with me! :D

Btw, I'd share about what I wore to this event in a separate post. :)

Lotsa love,

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