21 April 2012

ELF Cosmetics from BeeKyoote :)

Prizes from BeeKyooteBlog's Holiday Giveaway

Heyaaaaa! :D

Two weeks ago, I was just randomly scanning through my blog roll (as I always do) when I saw beekyoote blog's latest update: Finally! The Holiday Giveaway Winners! (See her post here: http://www.beekyoote.blogspot.com/2012/04/finally-holiday-giveaway-winners.html). So I just clicked on it, just mindlessly wanting to see who got to won, and to my surprise, I saw my name and picture right there!

So after contacting me and my co-winner, she shipped the items last April 12, Thursday (I know because I'm following her on instagram and I saw this: http://instagr.am/p/JTzFrYMPSO/)

“Shipping these babies off to my blog's Holiday Giveaway winners today!”
grabbed from Ms. Bee's instagram
if you have ig, too, follow her: @beekyoote
That was Thursday, and come Saturday of the same week, I got a message from JRS asking me to contact them because I have a problematic package. Turns out, they've been here in our subdivision the day before they contacted me (Friday), but they couldn't find my house! LOL. Yeah, it's kinda hard to look for our house, and our subdivision just got a new security guard (kinda doesn't know a lot about here yet). So going back to what I was trying to point out, Ms. Bee sent the package on Thursday, and it got here as fast as the next day! Quite impressive, eh?

Here, I took a photo of the package as soon as I got it:
See it on instagram: http://instagr.am/p/JZMwKDu3Rm/
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And now, of course, here are the photos of the gifts!

Instructions to help even the newbiest of all newbies!

Soft, soft lip brush bristles.

Awww, a letter from Miss Bee! :)

So, I guess that's all to this post. I'll try to make an FOTD post using this Smoky Eye Beauty Book as soon as I learn how to use it perfectly! LOL. I don't really do much make-up. I just go good with face powder/cream, a little blush-on, and some lip color. But now that I have this, I think I should start practicing with my eyes now. 

So watch out for my FIRST ever eye-makeup post, okay?

Very well then...
Visit her blog here: http://www.beekyoote.blogspot.com/

Lots of love and shimmery pink kisses,


  1.  Thank you for the sweet post! I hope you enjoy the makeup, dear! <3

  2. Yes, Ms. Bee! I enjoy the make-up! Thank you very much! I'm playing with the eyeshadows, trying to learn how to pu eye makeup. hihi :)


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