19 April 2012

NYX Matte Nail Polish in Rose

Awwyeah! Yay for a new matte nail polish!

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Got this pretty baby from Pandora's Boxes. So yeah, if you want to purchase your own NYX Matte Nail Polish, just visit their online store by clicking HERE. Btw, thanks, Pandora! :)

So without any further blah, let me show you the newest addition to my still small yet growing nail polish collection.

Very simple, neat and chic! It has this certain modern vibe...

It has a matte-finished cap

LOL sorry for too much photos, I just really love the packaging

Nice and clear label at its bottom

I was sooo excited to try a new nail design with Rose, but... well, okay, I was so in-love with the color that I forgot I still have really short nails (trimmed my nails short for guitar practice). So I guess I should settle with this for a while... or not? Hahaha! I already have a nail design in mind for short nails. :>

Matte Rose on my small small nails

So that's how it looks like when it's matte... but I decided to gloss it up with a top coat. You know I was intending to make a nail design so I really need to coat it before acrylics and all. However, it turned out to be even prettier, ohmygosh! 

So yeah, you know what happened. I scratched off the idea of making a nail design (for now).

It's really hard not to look at mah nails; whenever I catch a glimpse of the color, I go stop and stare at them for a while. LOL. I super love this! Thankssss Pandoraaaaa!

Anyways, here's a short review:


* Cute cute bottle!
* Rich color. Opaque in one coating, though I applied two coats. I was kinda afraid it might wear off easily. However, my friend who also used the product told me it doesn't. 
* Smooth and easy application.


* It's not as matte as other matte polishes I've tried. 
* Doesn't dry as fast as other matte polishes (like my Orly nail lacquers). 
* I think $4.00 is kinda pricey for thrifty teens like me. Well, it's a nice product, but not really that great to be splurging money for.

THE VERDICT: I'm really in love with the rich color of Rose on my nails! I wonder if the other shades would turn out as pretty-pretty as this? Hmm... :) I would definitely purchase another shade from this collection @ Pandora's Boxes but not too frequently. I put this under the "Paige, that's luxury; you can buy that some other time" category of my to-shop-for list.

GPOM! Mehehehehe :D

So how about you? Would you love to get one of this, too?
SHOP Pandora's Boxes NOW!
They have an on-going Summer Promo wherein you can win loot bags with NYX Cosmetics, GEO Contact Lens, and Human Nature Organic Goodies!

Check my post about it HERE and HERE

Do you like my nail color as much as I do? Let me know, comment below! :D

Lots of love and shimmery pink kisses,

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