05 April 2012

Be in trend with this year's Top 5 Most Stylish Colors!

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This post is gonna be a long one. :))

I've just read a post from Chictopia about the Top 5 Most Stylish Colors of the Year (see post HERE). Coincidentally, I was then browsing for clothes and stuff at the Forever21 website, too. "Soooo... Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B2?" Yes. I'm gonna make a post about my Forever21 picks using the Top 5 Most Stylish Colors of the year! :D

According to the Nordstrom Rack post on Chictopia,
"If spring 2011 was all about neon shades and flashy tones, for me 2012 means something a lot more different. After seeing Louis Vuitton’s SS12 collection or Jill Sander’s, I can only think about one thing: pastels. Mint, light ice cream pink, delicate butter yellow and romantic lavender. This is what about spring 2012 inspires me. It’s time to get primed and look like walking candy!"
Just recently, Forever21 has just released their PETAL METAL Trend Alert which featured pastel colors matched with metallics. I've seen really nice pieces from the collection, and so with this in mind, as I read the Chictopia Trend Alert, I immediately decided to pick some of my favorites and put them together in this blog post. :D

I challenge myself to make this post using Forever21 items only.


1. MINT 

Twill Skinny Pants
Blue-Mint-Turquoise, FTW!

Belted Stripe Dress
I love the Mint and Blue play in this smart casual dress! You could pair it with some blue heels to complement the blue accents of the dress:

Colorblocked Maxi Dress

This Maxi Skirt LOOKS and FEELS breezy. Wear it with sandals or wedges, and you're all set for a relaxing Summer's Day. 

Mock Button-up Top
Pair it with shorts and this could be a nice comfy outfit for going to the mall. And oh! Don't forget the flipflops.

Classic Flip Flops

Here are some accessories you could use to add that certain pop of mint to any outfit:

You can see more of this from Forever21's latest jewelry collection, Desert Charm.

Pleated Chiffon Dress
This dress just spells SWEET! Pair it with this pair of light pink wedges for a perfect Sweet Girl Look:
Paten Peep-Toe Slingbacks

This wedges could also pair up with this Polka-Dot Dress:
Bow Back Dotted Dress

...which could also be good with this pair of bootie platform wedges:
Cutout Peep-toe Wedges

Be calmly chic with this Light Pink Deconstructed Sweater paired with a skirt of similar color.
Deconstructed Sweater
Complement your outfit with a pair of nude shoes. You could go with heels...
Bell Heel Patent Slingbacks

...or sandals.
Braided Thong Sandals

Even when you don't feel like wearing pastel-pink-colored clothes, you can still add a hint of its sweetness to your attire with these accessories:

Classic Pleat Dress with Belt
For me, nothing beats the classic. Nuff said.
Anyways... Oh yes, I super love pumps. And this one's really sweet. 
Kim Platform Pumps
SALE @ $15.99
 So there, you could stick with your color and theme, but you could also pair that dress up with this brown stiletto booties to add some edge to the outfit. Kinda matches the belt. I love matching the shoes with the details.
Leatherette Stiletto Boots
Twill Skinny Pants
Tailored Lace Jacket
You can also sweeten up any outfit with Peach-colored outerwear such as this Tailored Lace Jacket...

or some of these accessories:

Striped Floral Dress
SALE @ $11.83
I'd pair this Floral dress with a white or blush-pink cardigan for a smart yet fun casual look.
Long Sleeve Button-up
Asymmetrical Knit Tunic
SALE @ 4.99
Acid Wash Skinny Jeans
Ooh! I love this pair of Acid Wash jeans! I'd wear this with a nice and bold cropped graphic tee. :>
Essential Linen-Blend Shorts
I think the coolness of the lavender color of this shorts plus that cute carefree ribbon-tie makes this perfect for some nice Summer chillin'. 

I've just come across this pair of shoes, and I can't just let it go without sharing it with you guys. So forgive the random interruption of this blog post. Just wanna show you this Glittered Ornate Pumps. Told ya, I super love pumps!
Glittered Ornate Pumps
Okay, so carrying on now...
Here are some lavender (or purple? hehe)-colored accessories you might like:

(Random Fact: My eyes are into yellow stuff lately. I love how it looks so fun and happy)

Scoop Back Dress

Gawd, I love this dress! Those fuschia heels made its Sunshiney happy vibe even more bright and vivid! Would definitely look for a yellow dress next time I hit the mall. Oh my, I'm just so in love~ 
Fit & Flare Lace Dress

Crochet Lace Dress

I see Fuschia or Hot Pink pairs greatly with Pastel/Butter Yellow, eh? Hmmm :>
Floral Eyelet Top

I like the nice light-dark color contrast here.
Cropped Button Placket Top

Twill Skinny Pants

Linen Shorts with Braided Sash

You can also pair sunshiney yellow with bold colors like the top paired with this pastel yellow shorts:
Frayed Cutoff Shorts

Velveteen Platform Pumps

And yes, you could pair a nice yellow dress with fuchsia shoes just like in the photo above.
Velveteen Platform Pumps

and here are some yellows for your personal adornment:

It's safe to mix and match these colors together, so have fun doing so (like the Lavender shorts partnered with yellow shoes). You can also pair them up with other bright and bold colors such as you've seen in some of the photos above (like the yellow dress with fuchsia heels).

So, I guess that's it! I hope you liked this post as much as I do. :)
So, have you picked your personal favorites, already?
Share me your Pastel Trend Style, sweeties! :D

Lotsa love,

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