06 February 2012

NOTD: inspired by the UK flag ♥ (plus a simple tutorial)

So I have mentioned that I am a great Paris-Lover,
but I haven't told you that I'm one hellava great London-Lover, too!
Just sharin' some UK Love!

One afternoon after class, I passed by the local convenience store inside the campus and found myself buying a bloody red nail polish (Caronia Brick Red). When I got home, I was so thrilled to try my new nail polish out so I immediately went for my nail kit. The moment I opened the box, my Orly Matte nail polish in Navy Blue and my Caronia Frosted Nail Polish in White Rose instantly caught my attention. Then there came my Nail EUREKA! moment. Right then I knew I badly wanted to make my first nail art, and it's gonna be inspired by the UK flag.

Caronia Regular in Brick Red, Orly Matte in Navy Blue, Caronia Frosted in White Rose

I first tried replicating the entire flag on my nails, but sadly my nails were too small for it. 'twas my first time creating a nail art so I couldn't deal with small details yet. Because of this, I decided to just paint my nails with HALF of the flag. Here's how I did it (forgive the messy coloring, it's my first time):


I first painted my nails with the Navy Blue Lacquer to create the base.


Then I made a mirrored diagonal stripe with the Caronia White Rose polish.


I made a narrower mirrored stripe above the white stripes I did. See the photo below:


I made half a cross over the diagonal stripes (yeah, that's just practically a horizontal line overlapping a vertical one):

Sorry, it was kinda messy :(

Just repeat the steps for all fingernails and...VOILA!
a UK-flag-inspired nail art!

Hope you enjoyed this Nail Post as much as I did.
Let me know when you get to try your own, too, okay?


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  2. Ooh, I love this post. I love nail polishes, but I am horrible when it comes to doing my own nail art. Lol :/

    Anyway, your blog is inspiring me to update in my blog. Perhaps I need a little/more nudge, lol.

  3. I love this! Ang ganda! Great job. :)


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  4. I'm adding you btw at my links section <3

  5. @Chrissy awwww, Thank you! :D I'm planning to do more Flag Nail Arts after my exams. My friends are asking me to do their nails na rin eh; each of them has their own design in mind already :D

  6. @ Tita Yette: Wow, thank youuu! :)

    Anyways, you can always practice naman po. Ang messy ko pa rin po mag-nail art ngayon eh, but I guess improving naman haha :D

    YESSSSS! You must update your blog na po! You were one of the bloggers who indirectly guided me into [decent] blogging. Who knows how much more potential bloggers you're going to inspire? :)

  7. I'm updating already. Mostly because of you & your blog. Reminded me about my early years as a blogger. :)

    Keep up the good work! :)


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