11 February 2012

Circle Lens Review: GEO Super Nudy Grey

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Hello there, sweeties! 
I'm back with another Circle Lens review! 

I received this lovely pair of GEO Super Nudy Grey (XCH - 625) from Ms. Xandra Lauren of Pandora's Boxes as an early gift for my 18th Birthday. 
(Thank you again, PB!)

This was the same pair that I used on my 18th Birthday party and a lot of my friends told me that they LOVED it. One of them even asked me to order two pairs (one for her and one for her cousin) so they could wear 'em on their cousin's Debut. Here's a photo of her wearing them:

Now 'nuff with the stories! HAHA :D
Let's head on to the review.

Here's how the lenses look like in the lens case:


Right side up

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Manufacturer: Geo Medical
Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


Ever since who-knows-when, I've already loved (and loved to have) bluish-grey eyes! I don't know, but it really looks naturally striking to me. I think it's one of the safest eye colors -- can compliment almost any type of complexion.

For this lens, I love how the color somehow transitions from gray to blue on certain lighting conditions. The subtlety of the color makes it appear somewhat natural, which makes it easily wearable, too.  You'd never have to decide much on what outfit to match it with or when to wear it, because you can practically wear it with anything... whenever.

Looks Grey

Looks Bluish

As I've said in my previous review, GEO medical lens are really SUPERB when it comes to comfort. Just when you thought you've worn the most comfortable lens ever, GEO gives you something even better. I can say this pair is even more comfortable to wear than the Angel Brown! I believe it's because this one is thinner and has a greater diameter. Greater diameter allows it to 'hug' my pupil much better and the thinner structure makes it softer so it feels like there's nothing there.

Perfectly accurate! Still beats my good ol' eyeglasses. :P

This pair has a 14.8 mm diameter, so as you can see in the photos, it enlarges the eyes in a cutely doll-eyed way. This pair would be great for gals who loves Gyaru or Ulzzang looks (but I think it's more suited for Ulzzang since it's natural-looking and not too exaggeratedly anime-ish). I've seen other Large circle lenses which are too big and gets kinda scary (makes you look like an alien), but this one is just right. Big pupils for ULTIMATE KAWAII-ness, yet still in moderation for that NATURAL LOOK.

CUSTOMER CARE (for the Lens Shop)
Although this pair was not actually purchased, I've bought several other products from Pandora's Boxes already and I can really vouch for the superb assistance they give their customers. They respond quickly to inquiries, provide the most organized systems, and compensate fairly for mishaps. Two months ago, they gave away FREE NYX Right Round Lipsticks to all their customers as a 'Thank You' gift for their patience in waiting for their orders (the Holidays caused such a 'heavy traffic' for the shipment of the orders). They also stir-up great giveaways and promos for all their customers/fans. Truly in PB, you'll feel you're actually valued not just as a customer, but as a sissy. ;)

 The lens are too thin that it could easily get scratches or worse, could easily tear (but you can still prevent this from happening by observing extra caution).
 Though I loved the gray-to-blue transition, I think it could be a bit of a disappointment for some who are just aiming for Grey (I've read some reviews which kinda showed dismay on this ground).


This pair is perfect for gals who love to look oh-so-kawaii while still keeping a natural vibe. The size enlarges the eyes enough for a cute doll-eyed look, while the neutral yet eye-brightening gray color keeps it toned-down.

That's all sweeties! I hope you enjoyed this review.
Thanks for visiting and reading!


Indoor Incandescent Lighting; With Flash:

Indoor Incandescent Lighting; Without Flash:

Indoor Fluorescent Lighting; With Flash

Indoor Fluorescent Lighting; Without Flash

GPOM! Mehehehe :D

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  1. This looks nice, I like the grey but I'm not the type to wear contacts. :)

  2. Aww, whyyy? What's the "eye condition" you were pertaining to last time? I really think contact lens are perfect for you since you do a lot of make-up tutorials and stuff. Try it naaaaa! :) Pandora's Boxes sell authentic ones at a reasonable price ;)

  3. Oooh, nice! They look good. I've never tried wearing any kind of contacts before. Hehe

  4. Hi Miss Aya!
    Thanks for the nice feedback. :)
    Why don't you try wearing contact lens, too? You look so East Asian just like Miss Kat V. I bet it would suit you well. :D

  5. Hello there~ I had this lens and I can say that it increases my eyesight and it is an additional "ganda factor". I do recommend this!

  6. @twitter-41242582:disqus , I agree! And its natural look is just great for everyday use, yes? :D


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