13 March 2012

NOTW: Eiffel Tower Nails

Hello, sweeties!
I know I've been very vocal about my GREAT LOVE for Paris and London. And so I have forever been aching to make Paris and London designs on my nails, too! I've already made a UK-Flag-inspired nail designs about a month ago (see it HERE). About three days ago, I was finally able to make my first Paris-Inspired Nail design (I say this is my first, because I still have a lot of Paris-Inspired Nail Designs in mind). YEY! :D

Here it is:

I started of with my Caronia Marquise frosted nail polish. It was what I used in my NOTW post 2 weeks ago (see it HERE) wherein I settled with its translucency, but this time I applied it in 2-3 coats to achieve a more opaque finish.

Afterwards, I drew the Eiffel Tower (well, I know it doesn't look much like the Eiffel Tower, but you get the point. HAHA) using black acrylic paint.

For my thumb, I painted the word "Paris" :D

Hmm, so what do you guys think? :D

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