30 March 2012

NOTW: Cupcake Nails

Hello sweeties! Forgive me for being MIA for quite some time; we had internet problems and so my blogging goes away with that. :(

Anyways, this nail post should have been just a week after my Paris-inspired nails, but due to my disconnection from the internet, I wasn't able to post it immediately. I've been dying to make this cupcake nails for quite some time already, and I was really happy when I finally did. :D

So I started off with a Base Coat and Nail Hardener, of course, and then I made pink and light pink stripes on half my nails. Just like this:

When I finished this step, I kinda wanted to forget about the Cupcake Nails and just be good with pink stripes. They're so French-ish!!! :"> I loved how the pink and light pink stripes went together. But since I just painted half my nails, I have to carry on with my original plan. So the next step is to make the frosting. I just applied white acrylic paint over the pink stripes:

And of course, this won't be complete without the "Cherry on Top" so I just dotted the "cupcakes" with my Caronia Brick Red Nail Polish.

And tadaaaaah! 
My Cupcake Nails! :D

I like to call it "My Sweet Little Bits" Nails because it somehow resembles my blog logo. 
So, what do you think? :)

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