03 March 2012

Quick OOTD post: Goin' Denim

Hello there, sweeties! 
Today I'm posting my FIRST shot on an OOTD post. Heehee :D
I didn't really intend to make this post (that explains the really cheap photos), but I was sort of fascinated with the fact that I was able to solve a bit of a Fashion Emergency so I thought I might as well write a quick post about it.

So it was just another lazy Monday (FREE day for UPD) for me when I realized I don't have anything ready to wear yet for our Organization's weekly caucus. I rummaged through my closet and couldn't find any dress since we had just taken them all out for laundry. Luckily, I found this almost forgotten denim dress hanged in one corner of my clothes cabinet. I just took a power belt, put on a white cropped cardigan, and voila! -- quick-fix for my outfit dilemma. Teehee :D

2. Black Power Belt - People are People
3. White Cardigan - Shoppesville
4. Transparent Watch - Anne Klein
5. White Coral Bracelet - a gift from my BFF, Victoria :)
6. Black Wedges - Wade Shoes

My bracelet is kinda messed up here. Haha :))
It's magnetic, so it really has a tendency to mess itself up at some point.


Transparent watch from Anne Klein

Black Wedges from WADE
Sorry for the POOR quality :(
I'll replace this with a better photo when I get to take one. :))

Well, that's it. I hope I can post more OOTD posts soon. :)
Btw, I only used my cellphone camera for this, and edited them using my new Android App: PicsArt. I'll also write an App Review on it soon. :)

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