24 December 2011

Purple Candy Nails

Last week was Thanksgiving 
(a very, very blessed one, I must say). 
So... I decided to paint my nails purple since I'd be wearing this:

Little black dress bought from XOXO; Silver & diamond jewelry from Macy's

Scratch out that pair of Converse, I was wearing this pair of heels:

Silver Stiletto Sandals bought from XOXO

So yeah, I decided to paint my nails purple with this Orly Nail Lacquer in Purple Matte which I received as a birthday gift from my ever-so-lovely friend, Dianne. 

I badly wanted to try some basic nail art, but I thought it would be inappropriate for me to be wearing artsy-fartsy nails on a very important worship service, so I resisted the urge. However, as soon as I got home, I started turning my purple nails into purple STRIPED nails. Teehee :D

I didn't have some striping tools, but I did have some masking tape. :>
So yeah, using masking tape and some skills in PRECISION CUTTING, I striped my nails.

*drum roll* My very own striped nails! *applause*
It kinda reminds me of candy cane. Sweet! :>

Sorry for the poor image quality. I wasn't able to capture a decent photo of it before my clumsy self ruined it, but I PROMISE I'D BE POSTING ANOTHER ONE together with a STRIPE YOUR NAILS WITH MASKING TAPE TUTORIAL. :)

Wait forrrrreeeet! :D

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