11 December 2011

TSR Giveaway: A gift set from Leyende (the story of skin)

If we're talking about health & beauty, I say I've been such a lazy girl in my early adolescence period. Despite my aunt sending me body & skin care products regularly (with reminders telling me to always 'feed' my skin right), I still refused to use them. Not that I didn't want them; I was just too lazy to use 'em. When I graduated from high school, I was able to take more of my time for myself. One boring day I saw the cluster of lotions, body gels, body scrubs, souffles, body polishes, et al, and thought maybe I could try using them. I chose a whole bath&body set for my first time. After trying everything in the set, I felt so good. So light. I felt cool and fresh. My skin was so smooth and it smelt really good (even until bedtime). Since then, I've been in-love with Bath&Body / Skin Care products.

So when I saw this Leyende Gift set from The Style Reactor's Christmas Giveaway, I immediately decided to join. :D

The gift set includes:

* Samples of Massage in a Bottle (Massage and Body Oil), Smoothie Operator (Bath and Shower Gel) and Kiss kiss Lipbalm in Froyo
* Cool Hand Soup (Hand Sanitizer)
* Clean Slate (Facial Cleanser/ make-up remover)

All of these will come in a Leyende cloth bag :)

So what are you still waiting for? JOIN THE GIVEAWAY NOW! You still have 12 days left. Good luck! :D


  1. Please join my giveaway, too, if you haven't yet: http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com/2011/12/wonder-womans-holiday-giveaway.html

  2. @Wonder Woman, okay I'll check it! :D Thanks for the info :D

  3. Hi paige :) can I ask a question? How did you Post the picture on the sidebar of your blog and link the photo back to the giveaway? thanks. I'm new to this :D


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