12 December 2011

From 'four eyes' to 'fab eyes'

I was 16 years old when I found out that my vision was already degrading.

In my Physics class, I always sat at the back rows since I'm taller than most of my classmates. Day by day, I could notice how the writings on the board get blurrier than they seemed to me the day before. I compensated by narrowing my eyes -- almost shutting them -- since I found out it could work. However, towards the end of 2009, I couldn't make it work anymore.

So my dad brought me to an optometrist -- my Uncle Bob's friend, Tita Jing -- and had my eyes checked up. The following week I was already wearing a graded pair of glasses. As if I didn't look older-than-most-girls-my-age enough.

I had already made my glasses a part of me. I graduated from high school with it, entered college with it. I learned to love it as I love my watch or my mobile phone -- can't leave home without 'em. However, the U.P. life required me a lot of walking. Not just walking, mind you, but WALKING UNDER THE SUN. I sometimes end up trying to walk in a blurry world instead of trying to ignore the annoying feeling brought by the sweat fountaining behind my ears. I was like, "I love you, glasses, but you're making me feel uncomfortable already. :( "

Good thing towards the middle of my first sem as a College Sophie, like a fairy godmother comes Pandora's Boxes. The owner invited me to join her Back To School COSLENSES♥GIVEAWAY. Oh-so-luckily, I WON GRAND PRIZE!

That was when another chapter opened for The Story of Eyes *insert Taylor Swift song here*

* See full image, click HERE

Pandora's Boxes Brown Angel was the first pair of contact lenses I tried. At first I was afraid I won't be able to maintain it properly (since I'm so forgetful and clumsy), but then I found out it wasn't really that bad, plus my dad gave me a "Go" signal on it.

After Brown Angel, I received two more lenses from Pandora:

(Gray Angel, another Giveaway Prize)

(Super Nudy Gray, Pandora's Gift;
the pair I used for my 18th Birthday Party)

From FOUR EYES to FAB EYES, I thank Fairy Godmother -- err, Pandora's Boxes -- for stepping into the scene! :D



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