17 December 2011

Just won TWO blog giveaways this week! YEY! :D

As I've mentioned in my giveaway post, I've been joining quite a number of blog giveaways lately. It helps me while away my time while giving myself a chance to win fabulous prizes! So when I received Codename AYA's e-mail last Tuesday, it made me really happy. :D

They chose TWO lucky winners for this giveaway. One was chosen based on her answer, and one was chosen randomly. I was the LUCKY RANDOM WINNER. :)

To see Codename AYA's blog post for this, click HERE.

And as they say, "Just when you think it couldn't get any better, IT DOES." Another online notification became the proof to back this up.

Turns out I also won the FROZEN BLOSSOMS Missha Giveaway! :)

Can't wait to get my hands on these babies:

Now I'm just waiting for HBC's e-mail to tell me if my prize is already available for pick-up, and a delivery boy to knock on my door with my Missha Babies in his hands. :)

It's really THAT EASY to win, girls! So what are you still waiting for? Join Codename AYA's Happy Beautiful Christmas Giveaway WEEK 6 and my FIRST BLOG GIVEAWAY for a chance to win, too! ;)


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  1. goodluck :) I also won from FROZEN BLOSSOMS last time :)


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