13 July 2012

New In: Shoes, Clothes, aaaand bags! :D

Hello there, sweeties!
I am writing this post while lying almost helplessly in bed; my flu is incapacitating me to an annoying extent. >_< I wasn't able to attend my classes yesterday, and so as today's. Plus, I'll be having an exam on Monday, another on Tuesday, aaaand another one on Wednesday, and a Scrapbook project to be passed on Wednesday morning. Guess what? I haven't started on anything yet. I haven't, because I can't. Reeeeaally can't. I tried but I just couldn't focus. T__T

I'm taking my medicines quite religiously, but they don't seem to help. I think I should bug my dad to bring us (he's ill, too) to the hospital already; maybe this isn't just a Flu. ~_~

Anyway, since I am sick and not capable of actually shooting and editing some decent photos, I'll first feed you with my low-quality instagram shots. Mehehe.

These items came from my tita ninang (she resides in Seattle, WA), whom I already treated as my mom ever since, and even more when my biological mom left us for another guy. Oh well. Tita ninang really knows what tickles my fancy!

Shoes: FLATS! 

view it on Instagram HERE.

view it on Instagram HERE.

BAGS: Michael Kors, Fornarina, and moooore! :D

New Michael Kors bag. Thanks to my tita ninang mommy! ^_^ #MK #bag http://instagr.am/p/M5KNmjO3TL/ 

Ohmyyy. Instant love. ♥
white floral bag exterior + princessy pink inner design = asdfghjkLOVE.
#Fornarina #bag 

I'll be posting more photos, and more decent ones, when I get well and when I already survived my exam week. Teehee.

Love lots,

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