09 July 2012

DDG Mag Launch Teaser + CONTEST

Hello there, sweeties gorgeous ladies!

In this post, we're gonna scrap off the sweet and overwrite it with gorgeous and sexy. ;)
Why? Because I'm about to present to you a new kind of magazine that showcases exciting new features and editorials...

The Fusion of Sexy, Glamour, and High Fashion...


Photo taken from their official website:  http://www.officialddg.com/
NOTE: This website is still under construction. For now, you can visit:

Drop Dead Gorgeous Magazine is Philippine's newest social and lifestyle magazine that is sure to bring you the hottest trends in events, fashion, people and a whole lot more. 

Having started a few years back as a Facebook Group for gorgeous young women, DDG has now decided to go mainstream -- targeting a wider range of audience -- but still bringing with them their advocacy and passion to help. Just a random fact about them: DDG and its members continuously hold various programs which aim to help those in need; such as the Feeding Program that they held in 2010, and their "Give Love on Christmas" campaign last year. Now with their gorgeous models, creative writers, editors, and staff, they are sure to not only bring you updates on the latest buzz and trends, but to also warm your hearts with their passion.

With this, we glamorously invite you to grab a chance to be part of their Magazine's Grand Launch on 26 July 2012, 7 o'clock in the evening @ the PRIVÉ Luxury Club (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig). This is going to be an invite-only event, so you could only go there if you have invites. So ask me, what's the point of telling you all these if you can't come? Well, the point is...

DDG Magazine will be giving away an 
exclusive invite to ONE of my readers!


1. Write a blog post about Drop Dead Gorgeous Magazine's Grand Launch, and how you are excited for it. You can use my blog post as a pattern, but make sure that you're not merely copying. Remember, this is a CONTEST; not a RAFFLE. So uniqueness is a key element here. ;)

2. Follow @DDGMag on Twitter and tweet "I'm excited for the @DDGMag's Grand Launch! Find out more HERE! >>> (insert YOUR blog post link here).

3. Like DDG [Drop Dead Gorgeous] on Facebook and post a status message about how you're excited for the DDG Magazine Launch. Make sure to set your post to "Public" and tag @DDG [Drop Dead Gorgeous]

NOTE: All entries are MANDATORY (so if you don't complete everything, your entries will be invalid) and could be done only once. Remember that this is a contest, and not just a raffle.

Content: 50%
Creativity: 30%
Impact: 20%

Log in your entries to the Rafflecopter widget below. I'm still using Rafflecopter for the ease of going through all your entries, but I will NOT use the random picker for the winner. I will still personally read all your entries and that's when I'll pick the winner based on the criteria posted above.

CONTEST ENDS ON JULY 20, FRIDAY, so I still have enough time to review your posts. The winner will be announced no later than JULY 23 via Facebook and Twitter. A personal e-mail will also be sent.

The winner shall make an after-party blog post and will be featured on the DDGmag! Isn't that great? :)
Celebrate with us in the Grand Launch on July 26, 2012 - 7:00PM at PRIVÉ Luxury Club.
We're gonna have a party rockin' good time!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now before I say night-night, let me give you a peak at the event's venue:

Lovely, right? :>
So go on and grab the chance to be there!

I will also be going to the event with Momo (Charmed) and Ate Kristine*Thanks for the invites, Momo!* Invites were also sent to Char & Nina (charnina.com) and Nana (Pursuit of Nana), but I'm not sure if they already confirmed. If they did/do/will, don't miss the chance of being with them on this party-rockin' event!

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