01 July 2012

Flash Photoshoot for Aimee's Outfit Post

Two Fridays ago, I and my orgmates/co-bloggers Aimee & Momo of Charmed had quite some time to "splurge" and Momo & I had our cameras with us so we decided to have an amateur photoshoot for Aimee's outfit post! Yeah, just like that. =))

So here's what we got ;)

And then here are some BTS shots (naks, may pa-BTS-BTS pa! hahaha. Feeling LEGIT photoshoot!) from  Momo :)



 So what do you think, huh? Seems Legit? Hahaha. Naaah, really amateur. :))) I would really like to learn decent Photography, though. :)

One random fact about me, guys: I really have a certain passion for Photography and Film, but... I dunno. I have too much things I'd like to try, too many things I'd like to pursue and be good at, a lot of things in my head... I really don't know. But I'm definitely sure at this point that I'm not cut-out for Engineering, and I'm into the Arts & the Languages. I'm a right-brainer -- at least that's what I actually realized when I entered college. But... oh well, I'm constantly praying for God to enlighten me and guide me on whichever path He wants me to walk on. Let His will be done instead of mine. :)

Well I guess that wasn't just a random fact at all, was it? It was a portion of the things I'm hiding inside me. :/

I thought of deleting it after re-reading what I wrote, but I guess I should after all let some of these out. ITALY! I Trust And Love You, sweeties. :)

Send in your comments! :D

Love lots,


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