04 August 2012

NOTW: Purple Disco

After quite some time of being MIA, I'm back with a Nail post! It's just a simple nail design, though. I still don't have enough time and inspiration to design some detailed nail art. Well, I've made a French-themed nail design on Momo (Charmed)'s nails last week, but she wasn't able to post a photo of it. I painted her nails while we were at our org tambayan and I unfortunately didn't have my top coat with me, so I just asked her to apply some on her own when she gets home. Apparently, she forgot. :(
But don't worry, I'll be recreating it and'll post it together with a tutorial. ;)

Now on to my NOTW! Forgive the title, I really can't think of a creative one. I just used Purple Disco because it reminds me of disco lights whenever I look at it; and of course, it's purple (you don't say!). My guy best friend thinks of it as staple wires on my nails, though. O_O

The shine and disco lights factor don't show well in the photo, but I swear it looks really nice in person. I've been getting a lot of compliments for this (except nga from my guy best friend who said "Bakit ka may staple wires sa kuko?". O_O I still love him, though :P).

BASE COLOR: Orly Matte Polish in Purple Velvet

Here's the "Nail Polish Tandem" I used:

Orly Matte Polish in Purple Velvet
Caress Nail Polish in... Disco? (haha too lazy to stand, get the bottle, and check. XD)

I've just bought that Caress nail polish last week, and I'm lovin' it! For just Php 22.75 (~USD 0.50), you can pimp up any plain nail polish into an eye-catcher! Now who says you can only wear bling on your neck? ;)

Love lots,


  1. I have a photo of it!! Di ko palang po maedit and mapost :))) Pero sooner or later...sobrang tambak na nga nung ipopost ko. :/

  2. Hahaha! Keri lang @MoMo20:disqus ! IKR! Ako rin andami kong nakatambak na di ko mapost-post :(

  3. Ooh, I love that :)
    I haven't posted anything in my blog yet. But I'm really tempted to post something related to nail polish, lol. I'm becoming this huge addict.
    Btw, where do you buy your Orly nail lacquers?

  4. I can see that, Tita @yettezkiedoodle:disqus ! Haha. I always see your posts in IG :)
    By the way, I didn't buy my ORLYs. Gift lang po sakin yan nung debut ko. Ang mahal kaya! I won't spend that much on nail polish (no matter how much I love them). Sampung Caronia Nail Polishes na ang isang Orly eh. XD Hahaha, kuripot :))) But I browse Orly polishes ate www.zalora.com.ph :D

  5. I only have one Orly & I bought it at www.lazada.com.ph. Their Orlys are a bit cheaper than Zalora & they offer discount in some of their makeup items (w/c is why I was there in the first place, because I bought a W&W lipstick, lol).

    But I dont think I'll be buying Orly anytime soon. Despite of the discount, it was still a bit too expensive for me. xD


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