29 October 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

I first encountered and used Wacoal under-garments during the preparations for my 18th Birthday Party last year. Usually, my dad just takes me to the teen section of the department store and lets me choose my underwear -- I even remember the last ones I bought were ones with Mickey & Minnie Mouse watermarks (I was such a kid!) -- but that time when we were going pre-debut shopping, my dad took me to Wacoal.

That moment I thought, "Whoa. So I'm really becoming a woman now, ain't I?"

From that instance on, Wacoal became not just another undergarment brand for me; it became a marker which celebrates my becoming a woman. :) Now I am posed a question, “How can you be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal?”

Wacoal has been giving me stay-put yet comfortable support ever since I first tried its undergarments. I've been more confident and fearless in trying out new stuff, especially in dressing up. And even though I am not what society's standards might call sexy or body beautiful (with my roundness and all), Wacoal had taught me how to be comfortable, confident, and live up the real definition of being body beautiful. Being body beautiful, just like beauty itself, is not something that should be captive to society's perception and standards. It must not be boxed by anything or anyone, or dictated by others' opinions; instead it must be something that we ourselves feel on our own, and help us effortlessly exude such vibes. With this, we could be certain that we could be body beautiful at any age, and Wacoal is one thing that would help us feel and achieve such.

The photo below is one from Wacoal's new arrivals. I love how it's sexy yet still made sweet with the pastel tone, polka-dot pattern, and those cutie patootie bows attached. Perfect for the becoming-a-woman-yet-still-watches-Disney-channel young lady like me!

My recent favorite; one from their New Arrivals

How about you? Do you also wanna be truly body beautiful?
Then visit and try Wacoal now, and feel the difference! ;)

Love lots,


  1. I've been using Wacoal since my 18th birthday as well and I've been loving this brand ever since. I try other brands but I often come back to it :)

  2. arra carrasco-odezaNov 17, 2012, 9:49:00 AM

    heard about wacoal hopefully i could get one soon..love this blog post

  3. Krystel JabonitallaDec 2, 2012, 12:24:00 AM

    I so agree with this. beauty is inside and out and age doesn't matter at all.

  4. nice.. i will try that also.. Godbless.. Happy new year.. :D


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