07 November 2012

Some Midnight Thoughts + A Giveaway Announcement

Hello, sweeties!

For those of you who regularly read the [mostly] mundane stuff that I occasionally post here, you would probably know that for months I have been hinting on starting a Crystal Color Lens giveaway but could hardly find the time to organize it. You know I still had a lot of more important things to do, and I don't like starting something when I know I can't give it my 110% yet. You know what they say, 

"Anything worth doing is worth doing well."

And yes, that explains why I'd rather go M.I.A. than post nonsensical articles here (although recently this blog has been turning into just an online diary of sorts in which I write things that most people don't even give a crap about). Or even when I already have something brilliant in mind, I still don't wanna rush and do it right away. I wanna make sure I've already looked at all angles, and planned everything to make it perfect. Ayoko 'yung lalabas na puchu-puchu lang. Well, at least most of the time.

For the past months, I've been planning giveaways, DIY Tutorials, free craft printables, and other things that would actually reflect the real ME. Like, you know, I'm not really a Beauty & Makeup Enthusiast; I'm a crafter and a hobbyist. I just thought of trying it out. Beauty&Makeup, I mean (lol omg I'm unconsciously adapting Sam's way of speaking. *see what I'm talking about here*). But I've noticed I've not been being hundred-percent productive on this blog, since the category it's in is not actually my niche. So although I've been enjoying the new stuff I've been learning for the past few months, I think imma let it all go and start to slowly transform this blog into what it truly ought to be. Mmm! Chumarot ako d'on ng 'onti. :))) Sooooooo, yes. I guess you'll be seeing more and more artsy-fartsy stuff in here soon. That would be gradually, though. Since I really don't wanna rush things. 

You know what happens to a would-be butterfly if you don't wait for it to naturally get out of its cocoon and you pull it out? It wouldn't be the amazingly wonderful creature which it ought to be. That's one of my principles in life. We should never rush things, because doing so would rob them of their true potential. 

You wouldn't want that, would you? Because I certainly wouldn't. :)

Well anyways, I got some good and less yawn-inducing news for you! That Crystal Color Lens giveaway I was talking about? I've finally got the time to organize it! The giveaway would be live few hours from now, so I hope you'd stay tuned! I'll be giving away One (1) Pair of Crystal Lens (your choice!) for One (1) winner, and Pandora's Boxes is kind & sweet enough to add GCs for runners-up!

Good night! :D

Lots of Love,

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