04 September 2012

NOTW: Carolina Peach

Just recently, I've joined another Caronia promo again, and whaddayaknow, I won... again! I just reeeally love Caronia because it's affordable, it has an ultra wide range of colors, and they always have something fun and exciting for their fans. So whenever I join their promos, I don't really intend on winning. It's just me showing my support for my favorite local nail polish brand. Winning is just a huge bonus. ;)

Here's an instagram photo of the gift pack I won. It includes a cosmetic pouch, Kwik-dry & Cuticle Conditioner, Solvent, Nail Polish remover, Fast-dry Top Coat, Cuticle remover, Cuticle Sanitizer, and 6 nail polish bottles (Platinum, First Crush, Orange Pop, Crystal, Carolina Peach, and Diva).

I'll be making a separate post with swatches for all six colors, but for now let me just show you my new favorite, Carolina Peach. :)

When I opened the gift pack, I was so excited for the nail polish set included, but my ecstasy went down when I saw that most of them were frosted. I'm not really the type who would always wanna sport frosted nails (especially uber bright ones like Orange Pop). The only regular/unfrosted nail polishes were Carolina Peach and First Crush. I already saw how First Crush looks from Momo's nails, so I picked out the rosy brown one.

It looks really classy and sophisticated. I felt so lady-like! When you wanna paint your nails but don't wanna go too loud, this is the perfect shade for you. Not too overwhelming a color, but not dull either. 

Alors, I think that's all to this post. I'll post the complete swatches soon. 

Je t'embrasse,


  1. You're so lucky when it comes to giveaways. Lol :)

  2. woah. I really love the color, peach! ♥


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