13 September 2012

Get FREE TICKETS to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair!

Gone were the days when people would enter our classroom to offer us storybooks with nice, colorful drawings and activity pages. I don't know if it's exclusive to us, 90s kids, but no matter what we do, we could never deny that Adarna House Books have been a great part of our childhood. They've been a part of our English-Tagalog learning as they told us stories in bilingual modes; they've inspired us to draw and color as we see those cute kiddie drawings; and most importantly, they've taught us to be polite, honest, and kindhearted little kids.

So when I heard about this Adarna House event from my French10-11 Professor, I told myself that I shouldn't miss the chance! The chance to recollect my childhood, and the chance to at least find some time to read again (college is that bitch, demanding girlfriend which you can't afford breaking up with). The event started yesterday, September 12, and will run until Sunday, September 16 at the SMX Convention Center. Everyday, their booths would be open from roughly 10am-8pm.

For your free tickets, click on the photo below, save the PDF file that will show up (optional), and print as many as you like! :) If that doesn't work, click HERE, look for the download link, click, and print!

I'll be coming there with my French10-11 classmates this Saturday, so if you see me there, don't be shy to say hi. :) Our prof said that Ramon Bautista will be coming on that day, too. So if you wanna see him, LEZZGOOO!


Much love,

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