12 August 2012


After a long while, I finally had the adequate time and the perfect mood to paint some nail art again. A friend is requesting for me to paint leopard prints on her nails. I have never tried doing leopard before, so I practiced on my own nails first. Realized it was easier than I thought!

I'll be posting an EASY PHOTO TUTORIAL for this (when I have more time to splurge), so I hope you wait for it, read it, try it, and share with me a photo of your leopard nails, too! I'll be preparing a prize for the best one. ;)

That's all for now.
Hope you like it, 'cause I do. A lot! Hehe :D

Share me your thoughts!



  1. I was trying to do that a while ago, before I saw your post at FB. I was successful in my right hand while my left hand was a mess. Lol

  2. i want to try this one ! so cute :3 i suddenly fell in love with animal prints :)

  3. this is so cute ! i suddenly fell in love with animal prints! :) want to try this on

  4. I wanted to have tjis so cute and chic and I hope I can find the time to have this! I envy you so chic and fierce

  5. @twitter-368891658:disqus , it's just easy to do! Just paint your base color, put some spots, then outline the spots. Tadaaah! At first I thought it would take too much time so I was hesitant to do it, too. But it was actually just a breeze. Hope you can try it soon! Love lots! :D


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