25 June 2012

Caronia Tropical Doll Collection

Hello, sweeties!

If you've been reading my blog lately, you would know that I was chosen as one of the winners in Caronia's May Promotion: Flores de Mayo-inspired nail design contest. 

And yes, part of the prize package I got was this Caronia Tropical Doll Collection!
I have been eyeing for Kiwi ever since they published a teaser for the collection, but I dunno why I chose Blueberry to try out first. Here's a photo of my nails wearing Blueberry:

(sorry, I just took this photo a week after I actually applied the polish,
so you can see my nails growing out of the polish already)
Pretty, right? I really like how vibrant and so beachy it looked! And I just couldn't wait for another week, and another week, to be able to blog about Tangerine and Blueberry, so I asked my blogger friends Momo and Aimee of Charmed if I could use their nails as "canvas" for the rest of my Tropical Doll polishes. They gladly agreed! :)

Aimee for Kiwi, Me for Blueberry, and Momo for Tangerine

I just soooooo love the colors! They're vibrant, catchy, and totally brighten up anyone's day! Plus, I think the hues are really made for Tropical gals, because they perfectly suit tropical complexion. Know what I mean? Well, I'm medium-skinned and that's a big factor in my nail color choices. Most often, bright-colored polishes don't suit me well; but these colors impressively do! Really LOVEEEEET! :)

Here are some photos of us enjoying our nails :)



Can you feel the la-la-love? We really love ze coloooooors! Thanks, Caronia! :)
What are you waiting for? Grab your own Caronia Polish from the new Tropical Doll Collection now! 

More photos will be posted soon as I blog about our T.G.I.F. bonding! 

Love lots,


  1. Kiwi is my favorite. Looks so refreshing. :)

  2. And Momo, your new hair looks so nice.

  3. Yes, it's really nice! I'm wearing it now :)

    But I think it suits light complexion better, although it still looks nice on me. Blueberry suited my morena skin very well :)

  4. love your photos! :DDD and btw, cute shades! hihi.


  5. thank you @Monina Mercado ! Yeah, we absolutely loved the shades too! <3


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